Do I have to choose the most expensive car mat?

After buying a new car, car owners usually buy car mats in order to prevent the new car from getting dirty, choosing more three types of mats: silk loops, plush, and large envelops. Among them, the “car purchase package” of 4S stores often gives away hair. Velvet foot pads, and large enclosing foot pads are mostly leather.
Of course, there are other types of foot pads, such as plastic foot pads, rubber foot pads, and tendon foot pads. The biggest advantage of this type of foot pad is that it is easy to clean. Secondly, because many car owners report that this type of foot pad has a strong odor, it is not recommended to choose this type of foot pad in consideration of environmental protection.
How do I choose? Which type of car mat is the most resistant to dirt?
In our daily life, the most prone to make the foot pads get dirty are: raining, stepping into the car when there is mud on the feet, soot and other dirt. So this test we mainly simulate these situations.

Plush foot pads
Large enveloping foot pads
Silk ring foot pad

We began to test several different car mats.

The testing process of three kinds of car mats: plush, large envelop and silk circle

  1. Plush car mat

Plush foot pads still have a lot of shadows in driving life, because most 4S stores will send a set of these foot pads, although the fit with the car is still very good, but it will look older after a long time.

When we “tricky” the plush foot pads, we found that if this type of foot pad is soiled by water-based stains, it will look extremely dirty and have a certain absorption effect on water. It can be imagined that this type of foot pad It should be very difficult to clean.

  1. Large enveloping car mat

Large enveloping foot pads are chosen by many car owners, because its advantage is that it fits well with the car and is not easy to move. In addition, the leather surface looks relatively high-end, so it is loved by most car owners.

It can be seen from the test that the general gray stains are difficult to integrate into the foot pad, and its waterproof performance is not bad, but if there is water accumulation, the car will suffer more.

  1. Silk ring car mats

Perhaps looking at the surface alone, most car owners will think that the silk ring foot pad is the easiest to hide dirt, but whether it is really the case, you still need to look at the actual measurement results to know

It can be seen from the three experiments that most of the stains such as wet mud and soot on the silk ring car mats are attached to the car mats, and will not be sucked by the foot pads.

Test summary

We compared each test session of the three kinds of car mats and found that only the plush foot pads can absorb wet stains, while the other two foot pads are attached to the surface.

After “tricky” these car mats, we compared the cleaning process and the effect after cleaning. We found that after cleaning the plush mat, there will be no obvious marks on the surface, but the whole will be a lot dirty, especially after a long time of use, the stains will become more obvious.

In the process of cleaning the large enveloping car mat, we found that the high-pressure water gun alone cannot completely wash away the stains, and foam cleaning agent is also needed, but the effect after cleaning is still good. However, the waterproof effect of the large enveloping car mat will gradually decrease after using for a long time.

The silk ring car mat is the same as the large enveloping foot pad. For stains, it adheres to the surface. If water-based stains are encountered, it will seep into the bottom of the car mat. Just shake the foot pad and the water will flow out. When cleaning, just because the silk ring foot pad is not easy to suck, you only need to rinse it with a high-pressure water gun.

From the convenience and cleaning effect of the three cleaning, we can find that the silk ring foot pad is the easiest to clean, and it is also relatively clean after cleaning. Although the large enveloping car mats is more resistant to dirt, it is easy to accumulate water, and it is difficult to guarantee that it will not absorb wet stains after a long time of use. In contrast, plush car mats are the least resistant to dirt.

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Experiment summary

Plush car mat: Although the plush foot pad is not easy to accumulate water, it is easy to absorb stains and is very resistant to dirt.

Large enveloping car mats: it is easy to accumulate water, but not easy to absorb stains, but it is easy to have marks after a long time of use.

Silk ring car mats: It is not easy to accumulate water, but it will be dirty after being stained with gray stains, but it will be clean after shaking.

Summary: Whether it is a plush car mat, a large enclosing car mat or a silk ring car mat, they fit well with the car. Among them, the plush foot pads seem to be high-end, but they are very resistant to dirt; although the large enclosing car mats are more resistant to dirt and waterproof, they only need to be cleaned with foam detergent after being soiled, and after a long time of use , There will still be stains on the surface of the car mat, and the waterproof effect will also be weakened.

Although the silk ring foot pads are also resistant to tension, if you buy a normal quality car mat, after a period of use, the resilience of the silk ring foot pads will decrease.

Therefore, in the face of the mixed silk ring foot pads on the market, how to choose a good silk ring car mat is a difficult problem.

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