The functions of industrial paper cutters

    Since the production of paper, cutting tools have inevitably been produced. With the development of productivity, cutting tools have also undergone great changes.

Introduction to Paper Cutter

The paper cutter is a traditional product, also known as a paper cutter, which is used to deal with the paper cutting needs in the later stage of printing.
From the mechanical paper cutter to the tape-controlled paper cutter, and to the computer program control, color display, full-image operation guided visual processing and computer-assisted cutting, external programming and editing of production data cutting system to make production preparation time Shorter, higher cutting precision, lower labor intensity, and safer operation.
Up to now, it has developed into a digital cutting machine. The CNC cutting machine has become an intelligent trend. The computer-controlled cutting machine makes the cutting more precise, the layout is more optimized, and the cutting efficiency is doubled.

working principle

The operation of the paper cutter is relatively simple, and the requirements for the environment are not high. Usually in the general office, the power supply can be used to ensure that the power supply can be used for work. Generally, the paper cutter is equipped with an automatic switch system, which requires manual participation in the feeding link, and the paper cutting blade falls (some manually fall blades) to realize paper cutting.
When using a paper cutter, the cutting thickness of the paper at a time should not exceed the maximum thickness that the paper cutter can withstand, especially the paper with better quality, so as to avoid uneven cutting quality.

Machinery Classification


Feeding paper cutter
Non-feeding paper cutter

Industrial applications

Industrial paper cutters include manual paper cutters, electric paper cutters, CNC paper cutters, etc., which are mainly used for cutting industrial paper or other products. Small suggestion: If you need to find an industrial paper cutter, you should understand the purpose of the product as much as possible, so that it is convenient to find the corresponding equipment manufacturer.


Large format cutting machine
Minicomputer (cutting plotter)

Advantages of cnc cutting plotter

1. Small size, flexible movement, strong environmental adaptability
2. Advertising packaging materials can be cut, strong tolerance
3. High cutting accuracy

Material form

The flatbed paper cutter is suitable for cutting flat paper materials, and the placement position is also flat, also called flatbed cutter.
Coil cutting machine is suitable for the cutting of coil materials. It is equipped with coil material feeding equipment, which does not require manual feeding, which reduces the operational risk of employees. For example, self-adhesive materials, etc.

Features of flatbed cutter

1) Cutting large format, the platform can be customized according to the material area, without limitation.
2) The cutting is stable, the table is level, and the cutting accuracy is kept consistent

Driving mode of the cutting mechanism

Manual paper cutter (pure mechanical structure)
Electric paper cutter
aol 1070 digital cutting plotter

Pay attention to the problem

In the actual use process, the cutting objects that the paper cutter faces are various, in addition to paper and cardboard, there are also leather, plastic, and other advertising packaging materials. Due to the wide variety of materials to be cut, different types of blades should be used for different materials and different cutting requirements.

Cutting edge angle

The choice of the cutting blade angle is a very important part of the cutting work. In other words, a good paper cutter must be equipped with a good paper cutter blade and sharpening process. Because of the wrong way, method, and angle of the paper cutting blade sharpening, the impact force in the cutting is increased, which will cause the machine to wear and the quality of the material cutting is not good.
    The range of materials that need to be cut by a paper cutter is becoming wider and wider, such as cardboard, carbonless copy paper, honeycomb paper kT board, pop paper, magnetic card, photosensitive film, and some flexible materials for advertising packaging. These materials are being cut. Different practical problems will be encountered in the cutting process, such as poor cutting effect, uneven quality, cutting edge burrs and many other problems. With the development of technology, CNC paper cutters can now solve most of the problems. , Cutting out high-quality order products.

Flatbed cutter

Flatbed cutter is a kind of large-format cutting machine with a wide range of applications. It can be used for cutting paper, leather, composite materials, advertising packaging, clothing home visits and other materials. The paper cutter is mainly composed of the main machine (also known as the gantry), the worktable, the feeding table, and the receiving table.
. flatbed cutter is widely used in flexible material industries such as advertising packaging industry, clothing textile industry, carpet industry, leather and leather industry, automotive interior industry, composite material industry and so on.

Cutting process of sheet paper cutter

1) Place the paper at the designated position according to the size of the paper to be cut for paper positioning
2) The CNC cutting machine starts to feed forward to the designated cutting position
3) Start cutting
4) After the cutting is finished, feed the paper receiving table forward to start the next round of cutting.

Factors affecting the safe use of paper cutters

The safety of the paper cutter is a problem that many digital printing practitioners tend to ignore. The following aspects affect the safe use of the paper cutter:
1. Security induction. The CNC cutting machine is not allowed to be close to the operator when it is working. The blade is easy to cause personal injury when it is running at high speed. Therefore, the CNC cutting machine must be equipped with safety devices. Infrared with safety sensors and emergency stop buttons are indispensable Less, to ensure the safety of operators to the greatest extent.
4. In the maintenance and maintenance, pay attention to the replacement of the blade, use the knife holder to ensure that the blade edge is closed, not only to ensure the safety of the person, but also to ensure that the edge is not damaged.
5. Finally, the unloaded blade must not be left arbitrarily to avoid hurting people.
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