Why does AOL value innovation?

Innovation not only represents the progress of enterprises, but also represents the development of the whole society
Enterprises with a sense of hardship will put innovation in a very important position, not only product innovation, but also management thought innovation.
After the extensive development of early survival, AOL pays more and more attention to product and management innovation.
AOL knows that any product has its own life cycle and will experience investment period, growth period, maturity period and recession period. 

Therefore, AOL always attaches importance to product update iteration. From the initial start of making laser machine, to trying rotary knife cutting machine, and then to determining the main vibration knife cutting machine market, each step is innovative thinking forward in the supporter enterprises. In the past 17 years, we have made vibrating knives. Up to now, we have upgraded every year, not only the product appearance and hardware, but also the software, which increasingly meets the market’s requirements for intelligence.

AOL invests a lot of money in product R & D every year, and introduces talents to participate in product design and testing. Also expand multi-party cooperation channels, look for excellent cooperative enterprises and build a complete market chain together. At the same time, AOL also hopes customers to put forward more and higher requirements. 

It is the high requirements of customers that make AOL efficient iteration. All around customer needs, meet customer new needs and meet the development trend of the market, which is also the basis for the continuous improvement of AOL cutting equipment.
Through the mode of “demand – invention – Test – production – Sales – re invention – re test – market re expansion”, AOL constantly updates its products and expands new markets.


AOL not only attaches importance to product innovation, but also to management innovation.
The founders of AOL know that the competitive advantage that any enterprise can have is temporary. Unless it continues to innovate, today’s glory will not guarantee tomorrow’s prosperity.

AOL has developed a flat management system, and the communication and assessment from top to bottom are becoming more and more smooth. The company’s processes are becoming more and more standard. Our work efficiency and production efficiency have been greatly improved.
Continuously improve our incentive mechanism, and the enthusiasm of employees is also rising.

In the process of “people-oriented” management, it is gradually forming a “ability-based management” with human knowledge, intelligence, skills and practical innovation ability as the core content.

Austria radium also attaches importance to the cultivation of talents. Every year, in the cultivation of talents, the company takes out special funds to organize employees to participate in training and improve their creativity.

In addition, AOL is exploring new markets, hoping to have dealers in more countries and contact more new materials. We hope to make the innovation more efficient through more passing the market challenges. If you want to cooperate with AOL, please contact us. Choosing AOL means choosing loyal partners

I hope I can help you. Select AOL to make cutting easier.

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