Packaging industry cutting machine trend 2021

Packaging is the industry that produces and sells packaging materials. Packaging is the general name of containers, materials and auxiliary materials used according to certain technical methods to protect products, facilitate storage and promote sales in the process of circulation; It also refers to the operation activities such as applying certain technical methods in the process of using containers, materials and auxiliary materials to achieve the above-mentioned purposes.

Last year, the global manufacturing activity was sluggish, which led to the difficult demand environment of packaging products industry. However, according to the forecast, this state is only temporary, and there are many factors indicating that once the uncertainty of manufacturing industry is reduced, the current environment will become clear. Although 2020 is still full of challenges, the global demand for wrapping paper and paperboard will continue to grow at an annual rate of 2.4% in the next five years. 

And with the concept of low-carbon environmental protection becoming the main theme of society, low-carbon environmental protection is practiced in many fields, as is the packaging material field. Many packaging materials that pollute the environment are fading out of our life, and green packaging materials have become the development trend and future of the packaging industry. AOL cutting machine is designed for cutting paper materials.

Corrugated box making cnc machine

At present, the main problems faced by packaging companies are

  1. Manual cutting of non-metallic materials is inefficient and non-standard
  2. The contour cutting of complex printing patterns cannot be completed manually
  3. Many kinds of materials in the industry, require a variety of equipment and procedures, occupymore space
  4. Many small batch orders are not suitable for assembly line production
  5. Carton industrywith small batch must choose equipment for processing, no achieved by manual and traditional equipment
  6. Customer requirements are getting higher and higher, and traditional craftsmanship can no longer meet
  7. Salaries of professional technicians are getting higher and higher,with difficultrecruitment and management
  8. Laser cutting and traditional equipment pollute the environment
Scissors cutting
You need these features to solve these problems
1. It can replace traditional manual or semi-mechanical cutting methods, reducing labor costs
2. With an industrial camera to extract the outline clearly, generate a cutting path, which can be easily cut
3. It is best that one machine can cut a variety of materials to adapt to economic development
4. With high-quality cutting can solve the problem of small orders and inconsistent order quality.
5. The CNC cutting operating system is simple, so you don’t have to worry about recruiting
6. Very friendly to the environment, no pollution
I recommend AOL CNC cutting machine to you. After purchasing AOL CNC cutting machine, these problems will be solved.
1. AOL Machine adopts AOLUT self-developed software to import with one key, and ordinary workers can be proficient in 2 hours.
3. It adopts Yaskawa servo motor, cutting efficiency reaches 2000mm/s; Super nesting software, saves boarding time, super nesting, saving materials up to 20%;
4. Equipped with CCD camera, visual recognition of contours, one key to lift the edge; the cutting process is smokeless, tasteless, intelligent and environmentally friendly; creasing tools, kiss cutting tools, V-cutting tools, one machine for multiple purposes.
5. Maybe you are worried about the after-sales service of AOL machines.
①First, we provide three-year warranty service, free replacement of spare parts (except consumables) during the warranty period. Now we are mainly focusing on the European market. As we all know, Europe pays more attention to quality and service.
②We also have agents in Italy, Netherlands, France, Turkey, Spain, Singapore, South Korea, Brazil, etc., which can provide you with door-to-door service.
③And we have a professional English after-sales team to serve you 7*24 hours.
④And we have detailed installation videos and instructions, easy to operate, so you have no worries.
AOL CNC cutting machine is a very cost-effective machine. The economic added value of a CNC cutting machine far exceeds the price of the machine. Investing in AOL CNC cutting machine will never disappoint you!

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