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When it comes to cutting medical materials, the first thing that comes to mind should be the cutting environment. He needs a clean and sterile environment for cutting.

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The vibrating knife tpu medical film cutting machine adopts integrated welding technology, adopts aviation alloy work surface, supports customized food-grade feeding felt, 302 steel knives, and supports cutting programs of various materials, including various medical films, hernia patches, etc., Provide a solid solution for cutting medical materials.

Does the tpu medical film cutting machine meet the cutting requirements?

Satisfiable, Aolai vibrating knife cutting machine provides customized cutting solutions, and will provide suitable equipment according to specific materials (redesigned functions based on the original equipment base), such as medical materials, we provide a food-grade working environment, wind power In the blade industry, we provide a multi-layer automatic feeding colleague cutting plan, etc. If your material is flat cut and it is a non-metallic material less than 5cm, we can basically meet the cutting requirements. In addition, for some materials, such as pearl cotton , Epe material, sponge, etc. Aolai can cut 11cm.

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For cutting asbestos gasket material, I recommend the asbestos gasket cutting machine. This is a fully automatic intelligent blade cutting machine, which can avoid the disadvantages of manual cutting and time-consuming materials, and can also avoid the laser cutting machine. Environmental protection, the edge is yellow and burnt. Asbestos gasket cutting machine has high cutting precision, cut surface smoothness, high processing efficiency, high service life, stable performance, completely replaces manual design, proofing and cutting procedures, and satisfies various customers with small batches, multiple orders, multiple styles, and short delivery Long-term business needs to achieve “fast, accurate, good, and economical”, so that products will be more scientific, reasonable, standardized and standard. The asbestos gasket cutting machine can automatically identify defects, one-click intelligent layout, support manual feeding and automatic feeding, and the equipment can be customized to meet all your cutting needs.

Asbestos Gasket Cutting Machine Asbestos gasket cutting machine application materials: cardboard, asbestos, rubber, PVC and other flexible materials, automatic typesetting, full knife cutting, all in one go Cutting size: 2500×1600, 2100x2500mm Asbestos gasket cutting machine can cut non-metal gasket materials such as foam, rubber, silica gel, asbestos, PTFE, etc.

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What are the advantages of tpu medical film cutting machine for cutting?

1. High precision, the equipment has a 16-axis control system independently researched and developed. After more than ten years of optimization, it is equipped with an imported servo motor. The positioning accuracy is ±0.01mm, and the repeated cutting has zero error. The cutting accuracy should be calculated based on the elasticity of the material. The larger the material, the greater the accuracy.
2. High efficiency, the equipment integrates automatic feeding, cutting and unloading, no mold opening is required, data import one-key cutting, can replace 4-6 manual labor, and the maximum operating speed can reach 2000mm/s.
3. The cutting effect is good. The equipment uses very sharp mechanical energy to cut. The whole cutting process is computer controlled and digitally controlled. Cutting will not produce burrs, sawtooth, etc., and reduce the generation of waste.
4. Strong applicability, the equipment supports plane cutting of any material, because of interoperability, one equipment can often be used for cutting hundreds of materials.
5. No pollution, the equipment uses mechanical energy to cut. As we have mentioned above, there is no heat release, and no smoke or peculiar smell will be generated.
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