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Asbestos gasket cutter

Asbestos gaskets are made of asbestos fibers and rubber as the main raw materials, supplemented by rubber compounding agents and fillers, through mixing and stirring, hot roll forming, vulcanization and other processes. The commonly used thickness is 3MM-5MM.


Product category

According to its formula and process performance classification:

Ordinary asbestos rubber gasket

Oil-resistant asbestos rubber gasket

According to the temperature and pressure used:

Low pressure asbestos rubber gasket

Medium pressure asbestos rubber gasket

High pressure asbestos rubber gasket


Low pressure asbestos gasket (G2183): Low pressure asbestos gasket is made of a white chrysotile fiber, suitable for most low temperature and low pressure requirements. Asbestos gaskets are mainly used for steam, water power, gas, oil and non-corrosive The sealing of sexual media.

Medium pressure asbestos gasket (G2182): Mainly used for sealing of steam, water, gas, oil and non-corrosive media.

High-pressure asbestos gasket (G2181): Mainly used for sealing of steam, water, gas, oil and non-corrosive media.

Oil-resistant asbestos gasket (G2184): mainly used for steam, hydraulic, gas, oil solvents and non-corrosive media sealing.

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Product Cutting

For cutting asbestos gasket material, I recommend the asbestos gasket cutting machine. This is a fully automatic intelligent blade cutting machine, which can avoid the disadvantages of manual cutting and time-consuming materials, and can also avoid the laser cutting machine. Environmental protection, the edge is yellow and burnt. Asbestos gasket cutting machine has high cutting precision, cut surface smoothness, high processing efficiency, high service life, stable performance, completely replaces manual design, proofing and cutting procedures, and satisfies various customers with small batches, multiple orders, multiple styles, and short delivery Long-term business needs to achieve “fast, accurate, good, and economical”, so that products will be more scientific, reasonable, standardized and standard. The asbestos gasket cutting machine can automatically identify defects, one-click intelligent layout, support manual feeding and automatic feeding, and the equipment can be customized to meet all your cutting needs.

Asbestos Gasket Cutting Machine Asbestos gasket cutting machine application materials: cardboard, asbestos, rubber, PVC and other flexible materials, automatic typesetting, full knife cutting, all in one go Cutting size: 2500×1600, 2100x2500mm Asbestos gasket cutting machine can cut non-metal gasket materials such as foam, rubber, silica gel, asbestos, PTFE, etc.

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Advantages of Asbestos gasket cutting machine

Data importing and direct cutting

Super nesting software, saving more than 10% compared to manual materials

High cutting accuracy, error ±0.1mm

Infrared sensor system to eliminate unsafe factors


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