The difference between pneumatic knife and vibrating knife

We all know that the use of high-frequency vibrating knife cutting machines is becoming more and more extensive, involving many industries, such as advertising, clothing, shoes and hats, automotive supplies, carpets, sofas, gaskets, carton packaging, leather digital printing, decoration, aerospace, Electronic equipment, etc., the bosses of various industries are also advancing with the times, constantly updating their production equipment, and creating greater profit value for their own enterprises.

When many manufacturers choose machines, they are often confused and worried about the vibrating cutter head. head difference.

First of all, the pneumatic knife is introduced. Its working method uses the power generated by air pressure to drive the blade to vibrate up and down at high frequency to cut the material. It mainly uses compressed gas to provide power. It needs an air source, that is, the customer site needs a stable air compressor. The knife needs to provide 6-8 air pressure stable pressure to ensure the high frequency vibration frequency during the working process of the pneumatic knife, and can not be high or low, and it is suitable for cutting soft sponges, such as pearl cotton, sponge, foam board, etc.

The following is the vibrating knife. The vibrating knife can cut a wider range of materials than the pneumatic knife. The working method is powered by the power supply. The motor rotates to drive the blade to reciprocate up and down. The up and down vibration amplitude is 1mm. flexible material. Such as leather, cloth, clothing fabric, KT board, PVC soft glass, car floor mats, leather seats and so on.

In a word, choose which kind of cutter head is suitable for you according to your own processing material, if there is anything else you want to know, please contact us!

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