The choice of mat cutting machine

1. Foot pad cutting machines include vibrating knife cutting machine, laser cutting machine, rotary knife cutting machine, and the processing technology of car foot pads is very mature.
The processing flow is: material selection→cutting→sewing→sale. The process is simple and the demand is large. Many processes have begun to invest in the industry of mat processing. What is the difference between different types of mat cutting machines?

2.The rotary knife pad cutting machine is the earliest blade pad cutting machine. The cutting efficiency is slightly lower. The material is fixed by the roller and the cutting accuracy is poor. Although it is low, the cutting quality of the machine is not satisfactory. At present, the rotary knife foot pad cutting machine is suitable for the foot pad industry, and other industries are temporarily not applicable due to material fixation and accuracy and efficiency issues.

3.Laser foot mat cutting machine is the most practical car interior cutting equipment. It can be used as foot mats, seat covers, light-proof cushions, etc. It has high precision and higher efficiency than rotary knives, but slower than vibrating knives. The light-proof cushions can be cut directly Blocking the edge, and better cost performance. During the cutting process, a lot of peculiar smell and smoke will be produced, and the material will also produce browning, which cannot meet the environmental protection requirements in some countries. , Not applicable to areas under strict environmental inspection.


4.The intelligent blade cutting machine is a new type of CNC cutting machine adapted to the development trend of the industry. The CNC system controls the intelligent blade for cutting, which not only guarantees the cutting accuracy but also ensures the consistency of the cutting quality. The order or mass production can meet the quality requirements, which is suitable for absolute Most factories and individual hobbyists.

AOL CNC foot pad cutting machine has a unique industrial visual recognition system, which can directly identify irregular materials and automatically fill and cut them, which quickly improves the utilization rate of materials.

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