The guide of packaging cutting

What  ‘packaging’

Packaging also refers to the things that package the goods, that is, the appearance, envelope or container that plays the role of covering; specifically refers to the protective unit used when storing or transporting goods.
Among all types of packaging, paper packaging is one of the main categories. The output value accounts for about one-third of the overall output value of packaging, and the scope of application involves all aspects of economic life.

1Classified by material


Packaging cardboard, such as box cardboard, kraft cardboard, yellow cardboard, white cardboard, impregnated liner cardboard
Cardboard is also called board paper. Thick paper made of various pulps and interwoven fibers. The difference between cardboard and paper is usually distinguished by basis weight and thickness. Generally, the basis weight exceeds 225g/㎡ and the thickness is greater than 0.5mm is called cardboard. (Also: paper with thickness greater than 0.1mm is generally called cardboard. Generally, the basis weight is less than 225g/ ㎡ is considered to be paper, and those with a basis weight of 225g/㎡ or more are considered to be cardboard). The more common cardboard materials in life are corrugated cardboard and honeycomb cardboard.

Paper jam

The general term for a type of thick paper with a basis weight of more than 150 grams per square meter and between paper and cardboard
Mainly divided into copperplate cardboard, white cardboard, etc.
The paper surface is more detailed and smooth, strong and wear-resistant. According to the application, it has different characteristics, such as postcard paperboard must have good water resistance, beige paperboard must have appropriate flexibility, etc.

Wrapping paper

A general term for a type of paper used for packaging purposes. It can be divided into ordinary packaging paper, special packaging paper, label paper, oil-proof packaging paper and moisture-proof packaging paper. Usually has high strength and toughness. Various types of packaging paper have different properties and uses
Packaging paper includes kraft paper, chicken skin paper, paper bag paper, parchment paper, etc.
Classified by paper packaging materials
Packaging paper honeycomb paper, paper bag paper, honeycomb cardboard, kraft industrial cardboard, corrugated cardboard.
Common material cutting methods
The packaging industry material cutting machine is also called a box making machine. It is composed of many processes, including laminating, cutting shapes, creasing, etc. including this series of actions. With the development of productivity, the development of box making machines has changed from The coordinated development of multiple machines into one machine can complete multiple processes.

Manual cutting

Tools: Blade

Disadvantages: cutting accuracy cannot be guaranteed; manual technical operation requirements are high; protection facilities are incomplete, and employee safety cannot be guaranteed.
Price range: ranging from $1~100
Common machine configuration and accessories: manual cutter
Manual marking pen, measuring ruler, creasing machine

Paper cutting tube machine

It can be regarded as a kind of CNC packaging cutting machine, it also has the basic features of CNC, but it is still not up to the level of intelligence.
Manual alignment-manual feeding-cutting-manual feeding
Disadvantages: single function, high labor cost, slow efficiency
Price range: $300~500
Machine configuration and accessories: regular maintenance and replacement of spindle, cutter and cutter holder.

CNC Packaging Cutting Machine

working principle

CNC packaging cutting depends on the digital direction from computer-aided manufacturing (WEB CAM) or computer-aided style (CAD) documents. This kind of computer configuration can quickly manage equipment and tools, increase productivity through automation, and increase speed and accuracy.
Generally, traditional machining procedures require several equipment to manufacture the desired final product (for example, drill bits of different sizes).
Process: upload CAD drawing → select cutter and blade according to material thickness and hardness → cut


The tool quick change module can be used together with the pressing wheel, indentation and cutting work together to improve work efficiency
It can be equipped with automatic feeding felt to save manpower.
The system controls the tool, the accuracy and speed are stable and continuous
price range
The price of the automatic feeding machine is not capped at 12000~, the length and width of the table can be customized according to your needs, and the price is determined according to the specific situation
Common machine configuration or accessories
The CNC packaging cutting machine not only has the function of cutting, it can also be called a box making machine. One machine can complete multiple processes of packaging production.
The CNC packaging cutting machine can use vibration knife, drag knife, pneumatic knife, bevel knife,
Auxiliary tools: line drawing marker, industrial camera, industrial laser projection, pressing wheel
Note: Some people may think of the best-selling machine nowadays-laser cutting machine, but laser cutting machine is not suitable for cutting packaging materials, especially the packaging of paper materials such as cartons.
Laser cutting is to irradiate the work piece with a focused high-power density laser beam to quickly melt, vaporize, ablate or reach the ignition point of the irradiated material. At the same time, the molten material is blown away by the high-speed airflow coaxial with the beam to realize the cutting of the work piece. open. Laser cutting is one of the thermal cutting methods. The high temperature of the laser cutting machine can put paper materials in danger, and a lot of waste materials are generated. The environmental pollution caused by cutting does not meet the environmental protection standards of some countries.
Oscillatory CNC Cutter Machine Factory

Advantages of CNC  packaging cutting machine

A Multifunctionality and modularity

1 AOL provides a customized system to cut packaging materials of different thickness and hardness, which can cut cardboard, gray cardboard, corrugated paper, honeycomb carton and many other packaging materials.
2 Equipped with tool quick change module, compatible with up to four groups of tools to work at the same time, greatly improving work efficiency
3 Automatic edge finding: Users can also put irregular materials into the projection area for alignment and cutting, which greatly improves the utilization of materials.

B Operability

1. Match in a semi-automatic mode with millimeter precision in a predetermined rank sequence.
2. Re-align X/Y parts (without bow and skew) within the locked tolerance range according to the drawing while keeping the tolerance range.
3. The camera bridge (part of the first workbench) with its own matching window can perform time overlap work (part of the second workbench) without overlapping tools.
4. The software system comes with memory storage, which automatically stores the last cutting file and data storage.
5. This application does not require professional matching or cutting knowledge. Low standards for professional operation requirements, simple training, you can start.

C high-performance customization

1 It adopts imported Panasonic servo motor and belt drive imported from Japan. The machine speed is 2000mm/S. In addition, it has strong anti-overload capability and can withstand a load of three times the rated torque. The performance of the whole machine is more stable, the service life is longer, the cutting accuracy is higher, and the cutting edges of the carton are more neat and fit.
2 Magnesium aluminum alloy vacuum adsorption table: AOL adopts advanced rolling table design, which can realize continuous automatic feeding. The theoretical cutting length is unlimited. The design of a high-strength honeycomb aluminum adsorption table with an eight-zone independent adsorption structure. The flatness of the table is good and will not deform. It adopts 4mm thick imported felt conveyor belt, which has good air permeability, wear resistance and long service life. It is equipped with a large suction fan to ensure that the product has a strong adsorption force.
3 According to the needs of customers in different industries, personalized industry material cutting solutions.

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