Zone adsorption method guide

1. Follow the adsorption

With the swing cutting of the cutter head, the partition area is selected intelligently, and the partition adsorption function without cutting task is automatically turned off.
This is the main trend of machine cutting and adsorption methods, reducing the rate of manual participation, and ensuring the uniformity of cutting quality, and this adsorption method is suitable for cutting most materials.

2. Snap according to graphic partition

Intelligently locate the cutting position of the graphics, and automatically switch the suction position of the next cutting task after the cutting process is over.

It is suitable for a whole figure or a relatively large and independent cutting area, and the adsorption effect will be more conducive to cutting.

3. Manual partition, artificial partition

Before each cutting, manually set the area adsorption function according to the location of the material.
When making artificial settings, there will be some deviations due to the existence of subjectivity. These deviations may lead to unqualified material cutting or material damage, so this method is generally not recommended.


The adsorption function cannot completely achieve the complete adsorption of all materials. When encountering those relatively curled and flexible materials or materials that are difficult to level, they need to be coated before cutting, covered with a layer of film and the function of partition adsorption to form a vacuum environment , More conducive to cutting.

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