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    AOL is a well-known manufacturer of CNC cutting machines in China. It has been engaged in the research and development and manufacturing of CNC cutting machines for 12 years. Automation equipment is an indispensable partner for material cutting in the industry. AOL manufactures automatic trap cutting machines. A large-format cutting machine for efficiently cutting PVC trap and other materials.

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   PVC mesh trap material has become a relatively common material, used for waterproof clothing, luggage, umbrellas and other purposes in daily life. At the same time, with the increase in industry demand, manual cutting is far from being able to adapt to the current market development situation, so AOL Manufactured a cutting equipment for cutting of materials in the PVC industry (interlaced fabric cutting machine), which is suitable for interlaced fabric materials used in a variety of industries, such as PVC interlaced fabric, PVC coated fabric, and PVC Oxford fabric. , Waterproof tarpaulin, flame retardant cloth, flag cloth, trap mesh cloth, knife scraping cloth, 3D mesh cloth, glass fiber mesh cloth, TPU mesh trap , PEVA mesh cloth, TPU mesh cloth, etc.

The AOL mesh trap cutting machine adopts cold cutting processing, no heat source, and uses a blade to cut the edges smoothly and neatly.
PVC mesh trap can be easily replaced with different tool heads, with through cutting, drawing and cursor positioning functions, and it can cut any graphics.
The AOL mesh cutting machine adopts a rolling platform setting, automatic feeding and receiving, saving time and effort.
Features of PVC trap mesh cutting machine:
1. The design concept of replaceable heads is adopted, which can flexibly respond to a variety of cutting scenarios. The heads can be replaced according to actual work needs and business scope, and cutting heads with different functions can be added;
2. The servo motor drives the screw control mode, which can preset the stored knife depth and knife pressure, and automatically adjust the parameters, saving time and energy.
3. Double safety mechanism, infrared and button emergency stop device, maximize the protection of personnel operation safety.
4. The cutting equipment adopts a mature rolling table design, the width of the platform can be customized, and the vacuum suction design is adopted, so that small samples can also be adsorbed.
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