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    There are many types of filter cloth, which are mainly used for air filtration and dust removal, air purification, and environmental protection. They are used in smelters, chemical plants, sugar, dyes, medicine, food and other industries.
    The material of the filter cloth is mainly made of natural fiber and synthetic fiber woven. The cutting of filter cloth needs to integrate cutting precision and efficiency. It is recommended to use a vibrating knife cutting machine. The vibrating knife cutting machine is also known as a computer cutting machine, and computer graphics and layout. It integrates automatic feeding, cutting and unloading, with the characteristics of high efficiency, material saving and high precision.
The diversity of filter cloth application industries corresponds to the need to produce filter cloths of different shapes. In traditional production methods, cutting of different shapes requires models to cut, which is cumbersome and difficult to improve efficiency.
It is recommended to use AOL CNC filter cloth cutting machine, the cutting edge is neat and smooth, the material is not deformed, the cost is saved by more than 30%, and the product competitiveness is improved.

Why choose AOL vibrating knife filter cloth cutting machine?

The commonly used tools for filter cloth cutting include vibrating knife cutting machine, laser cutting machine, and manual cutting. The vibrating knife cutting machine is the newly developed blade cutting equipment, which is smokeless, odorless and environmentally friendly.
The cutting speed is faster than the laser cutting machine and manual cutting, and the cutting accuracy is higher than that of manual cutting.
The whole machine has anti-static characteristics and high safety.
The laser cutting machine uses a heat source to melt and cut, and the cutting will produce smoke and focal edges, which will have a certain impact on the aesthetics of labor and materials. Cutting with a blade will not produce material deformation.

advantages of Aolai Vibrating Knife Cutting Machine

AOL vibrating knife cutting machine adopts integrated welding technology, the whole machine has undergone high temperature heat treatment, and the platform is durable.
Using Panasonic servo motor, pulse positioning, high cutting precision, fast cutting speed, self-developed AOL cutting system, novices can be on duty within two hours.
Aolai vibrating knife cutting machine has a variety of cutter heads such as round knife, vibrating knife, pneumatic knife, bevel cutting, punching, etc., which is suitable for more materials.
Wide range of applications: dust bag, sound insulation board, sound-absorbing cotton, clothing, leather and other materials can also be used with vibrating knife filter cloth cutting machine.
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