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Product Details of Package bags oscillation cutting machine

1. Our bags oscillation knife cutting machine with drag knife cutter / oscillation knife cutter and creasing wheel,you can according the thickness of the material choose the right cutter.
– drag knife cutter ( not oscillation cutting ) : specially for som e thin paper( like A4 paper) or film cutting
– oscillation knife cutter : specially for more thickness or more hard material,thickness more than 1mm.
2. With the creasing wheel for groove you can easy fold the bag or box. So according the thickness of material,choose the right crease wheel for groove creasing, AOL can customized the creasing wheel for you.
3. The platform detection device regulates the knife pressure automatically, enabling a level platform and perfect cutting.
4 Our digital package bag oscillation knife cutting plotter use Japan Panasonic servo motor and drive,fast cutting speed with high precision.
5 The anti-collision and the built-in auto-sensing devices ensure the security of oscilaltion cutting machine .
6 No need to make molds, computer CAD drawing, one-click import and start cutting
7 The high precision package box cutting and creasing machine is designed for production with quantities and can save on costs while maintaining speed and accuracy.

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