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Believe all of you have seen on TV athletes standing on a surfboard, or using webs, kneeling boards, inflatable rubber pads, rowing, kayaking and other waves to surf the sport. With the increasing development of society and the popularization of fitness concept, everyone has a good pursuit of health,water sports more and more popular all over the world. Like kite surfing,Lie board surfing, Shallow surf and etc. Surfing is one of five new sports added to the Tokyo Games. The market demand of surf board and surf foil is also growing up. So More and more surfboard manufacturers have sprung up.

In the process of making a surfboard and surf foil, there is an important material carbon fiber glass or prepreg. That can make surfboard and surf foil strength and durable with a very light weight.
Many manufacturers use art knife or scissor to cut by hand. But that’s not easy to cut by hand because materials structure and high tenacity. and cutting accurate is bad.

“we have headache and difficult with carbon materials cutting.” one manufacturer owner told me that. So find good cutting machine is urgently. How to find cutting machine and make more efficient ?

Now on the market of surfboard is to use carbon fiber or glass fiber as the epidermal layer, with the inner core of lightweight foam as filler, carbon fiber or glass fiber layer still need to cover a thicker layer of epoxy resin and polishing, in order to increase its strength and waterproof, this surf board weight is lighter, with the popularity of the sport, more and more people like this activity, surfboard sales gradually rise,  But the manufacturers are also gradually increasing, resulting in extremely fierce competition in the surfboard market, serious product homogenization today, we need to reduce production costs, improve the profit of products.

surfboard cutting machine AOL

To improve product profit, we start from two aspects, the first is to save processing materials, the second is to improve product selling points, to save materials from raw material cutting, recommend the use of surfboard intelligent cutting machine, also known as oscillating knife cutting machine.

Now we highly recommend you AOL CNC cutting machine good at to cut carbon materials. Many machine has been sent to France,Germany,France,Italy, Netherlands,Poland,America,Australia, New Zealand and etc many countries for surfboard and surf foil industry.

The advantages of AOL CNC cutting surfboard process:

Surfboard cutting machine set automatic feeding, automatic cutting, automatic cutting as one, compared with the artificial cutting surfboard cutting machine can replace 4-6 artificial, can save hundreds of thousands of labor salary costs every year, The use of Panasonic servo motor, equipment cutting speed up to 200-2500mm/s, greatly improve the production efficiency. The self-developed AOLCUT system is easy to operate, and beginners can start work in two hours.  In terms of material saving, the equipment has its own intelligent typesetting system. Compared with artificial typesetting intelligent material saving typesetting system, it can improve the material utilization rate by more than 15% and greatly save the cost of raw materials.

The AOL surfboard cutting machine both in hardware and/or services in the industry belongs to the top, with one side pipe welding technology, stable operation, choose brushless Panasonic servo motor system, pulse position, cutting precision and speed have greatly ascend, lower consumption of energy efficiency, all electrical use of foreign imports, longer service life.  In order to better service, we provide manufacturers with one-to-one installation, training after sales personnel, as well as exclusive customer service personnel, the promise of three years of warranty, lifelong free maintenance and upgrade.

What’s AOL surfboard cutting machine can give you :

Stable quality . AOL machine has 58 production processes and 9 quality inspections to ensure the stability of the machine to the greatest extent.
Highest configuration. AOL machine uses imported accessories to ensure the service life of the machine, Panasonic motor driver,schneider electric, IGUS cable and so on
AOL machine have 3 years warranty , during warranty
Machine with oscillating knife head to cut preperg and high rotary knife cutting tool to cut fiber glass.
Auto nesting and auto cutting. Save your materials, save manuals and cutting more accurate.
High-end configuration. AOL machine with weld body, gear rack transmission,automatic adsorption platform,auto feeding worktable. electrical accessory are famous brand. Like Panasonic motors and drivers, Japan Omron Brand Relays, Schneider brand electric switch,Igus brand cable and drag chain from Germany and etc.
professional 7x24h hours on line after sale service in English on line.

The 8 reasons to select AOL surfboard cutting machine:

1.Focus on flexible material cutting for 12 years
2.National high-tech enterprise, AAA grade credit enterprise, AAA grade contract abiding good faith enterprise
3.It has 58 national patents
4.Global service to more than 25,000 customers
5.The whole series of electric appliances are 100% imported
6.The whole series of products through ISO:9001 quality system certification and CE
7.The most powerful businessman in north China
8.The founder has 15 years of industry experience

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