Introducing AOL-1612 Multifunctional Flatbed Digital Cutting Machine

AOL-1612 cutting machine

AOL-1612 Multifunctional Flatbed Digital Cutting Machine is suitable for printing and packaging industry, digital printing shops, digital sample shops, etc. AOL Flatbed Digital Cutter is equipped with a variety of cutting tools, including electric swing tool, full cut tool, half cut tool, creasing wheel, miter cutter, corrugated board creasing wheel tool, allowing you to make various products using AOL-1612 flatbed Digital cutting machine, such as color boxes, pop-up books, labels, label stickers, paper boxes, grey board boxes, pvc boxes, pvc cards, etc., the maximum cutting area is 1600*1200 mm, the cutting speed is up to 1200 mm/s, and the maximum cutting thickness Up to 20mm, repeat accuracy is ±0.1mm, so if you choose this flatbed digital cutting machine, you will spend less time making high quality products.

Features of AOL-1612 Multifunctional Digital Cutting Machine:

1. Integrated cutting tool, creasing wheel tool, drawing pen and CCD system, AOL-1612 series digitally cuts labels of any shape and folds cartons of any structure directly from your original design.
2. It adopts automatic vacuum suction cup and automatic lifting feeding platform, which can adsorb two pieces at the same time for cutting.
3. The AOL-1612 machine is widely used in packaging and signage, including paper, cardboard, stickers, vinyl, etc., and is a key equipment for small batch production and proofing.
4. It is specially designed for on-demand production in small batches, and realizes a high degree of automation of automatic retrieval of cutting files through the QR code recognition function. A3-B2 paper in just 15-70 seconds (depending on the complexity of the shape).

cutting plotter cut Materials

At present, intelligent CNC cutting machines have become more and more reliable and useful, opening up a wide range of new application areas.
In different industries, different materials and processing techniques, there are various types of digital knife engraving machine systems that can process various materials. For more oscillating knife cutters, visit our digital cutters catalog.

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