How Leather CNC Cutting Machines Choose Software to Plan Small Batch Order Production

Leather is a common flexible material in our daily life. Leather goods cover almost all aspects of our lives, leather bags, leather shoes, leather clothing, sofas, car seats…

With the continuous upgrading of personalized consumption, people are no longer satisfied with ordinary leather products. However, the traditional cutting process simply cannot meet the customized processing of various complex patterns. However, there will be a variety of software in emerging CNC equipment. How to choose the software is a problem that many people have. Next, I will tell you how to choose the software when purchasing a leather CNC cutting machine.

leather cutting machine

AOL leather CNC cutting machine currently has three kinds of software to choose from, namely Shanghai Qinghe, Guangzhou Aoxing and Yangzhou’s Harbin Gongbo Shi, so what are the differences between these software, let me explain to you one by one .

Typesetting utilization:

Shanghai Qinghe: The typesetting module is divided into domestic and imported modules. The utilization rate of conventional cutting pieces is about 75, and the utilization rate of imports is about 80;
Guangzhou Aoxing and Yangzhou Hagongbo Shi are standard domestic modules, and the typesetting utilization rate can reach about 80-83.

Computer and typesetting resources:

Shanghai Qinghe and Yangzhou Hagongbo Shi : I7 8th generation or above processor, CPU typesetting; Guangzhou Aoxing: 1080ti or above graphics card is required, and external graphics card typesetting is used;

How to take pictures:

Both Shanghai Qinghe and Guangzhou Aoxing use color arrays to take pictures;Yangzhou Hagongbo Shi. uses color line scans to take pictures.

The advantages and disadvantages of the above photos:

Shanghai Qinghe: The most conventional mode of taking pictures, still taking pictures, the equipment can be customized, and the ability to identify defects on the leather surface is not enough for taking pictures of whole leather.
Guangzhou Aoxing: High-pixel industrial cameras can be used, but the camera price will be high
Hagongbo Shi: Line scan is dynamic photography, online mode cannot be customized machine, the machine length will be longer, multiple cameras can be spliced for large leather, and the resolution of leather material is higher

The above is a brief introduction to the key details of the three software. If you want to know other details of the software, you can contact our professional staff for consultation.

Next, we will give you a comprehensive introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of each software:

Shanghai Qinghe: The software functions are relatively simple, less reliant on computers and other hardware, and easier to use. It has sample editing, such as sample size, quantity, symmetrical pieces, adding notches, etc. For the shoe industry, it provides additional notches and chamfers. The knife does not need to be lifted when cutting, and the typesetting method is relatively simple (if higher utilization rate is required, the imported module can be upgraded, and foreign customers can upgrade the cloud typesetting module, which will be charged annually.), with grade typesetting operation, but the operation is relatively complex, this software is suitable for Customers with lower requirements for genuine leather. It is recommended to use the online typesetting cutting mode.

Guangzhou Aoxing: There are many typesetting methods, the typesetting utilization rate is higher than that of Qinghe, the grade typesetting is more flexible, the defects can be graded, and the defect position can be fully utilized. There are many camera brands that can be adapted, but the operation of the software is more complicated than that of Qinghe, and the requirements for the computer are slightly higher, and an external graphics card needs to be added, mainly for the graphics card for typesetting. Mosaic CDA module, which can support graphic editing of samples. Support cutting data kanban, support customer order management, and repeat orders can be opened directly with one click. However, because of the area scan camera, the depth recognition ability for full leather needs to be improved, and the automatic analysis ability of leather grade needs to be improved. The main advantage is that it has more functions and layout methods than Qinghe. More suitable for mid-range customers.

Yangzhou Hagongbo shi: The typesetting method is not much different from that of Aoxing Software. It supports various complex typesetting modes, and does not require high computer requirements. Like Qinghe, it adopts the mainframe CPU typesetting operation method. At present, the most commonly used recognition methods are the use of color line scan cameras. For large skins, multiple cameras can be spliced to make the shooting clearer. It can automatically classify the marked point, line and surface defects. With deep learning, it can automatically distinguish the back. Regional important typesetting, currently supports both online and offline methods, there is a mature offline solution, and it takes about 40 seconds to complete the detection of all grades and defects of a full leather. The biggest advantage of this software is to detect leather. Thanks to the blessing of the line scan camera, it has stronger resolution on leather. When offline, it can bring multiple cutting machines, and the cutting machine needs to be installed with a projector for offline alignment, which is suitable for large-scale and high-volume customers.

The above is the introduction to the software of the leather cutting machine. I believe that you have read this article to know what kind of software you should choose for cutting your materials. If you want to know the price or the advantages of the machine, please contact us, we will be in the first place. Time to answer for you!

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