High-precision modern cutting – rubber boat cutting machine

Rubber boats are derived from the earliest wooden boat models. There are various types and models of rubber boats. There are military boats for troops to cross rivers and seas; flood control boats for armed police flood control and rescue; rafting boats for whitewater fun; modest work boats; fishing boats for offshore fishing, and more.

Rubber boat

The raw material of rubber boats is mainly rubber. Rubber materials are widely used in many fields and industries. It can be seen in daily use, medicine, industry, etc.! In an era of rapid development, keeping up with the pace is the fundamental condition for survival. If you want to have your own piece of the world, you cannot lose to friends and businessmen from anywhere. Next, let’s take a look at what the rubber boat cutter can bring you!

Rubber boat cutting machine

Rubber materials are relatively flexible materials, and their hardness is relatively strong. Various problems are prone to occur in manual cutting projects. It is difficult for traditional equipment to achieve the effect we want.

The cutting efficiency is low, and there are orders that cannot be produced. Poor, like some high-precision requirements, the implementation is not so easy, if it does not match the customer, you can only do it; material waste is serious, manual typesetting will occur in many cases, and the materials used are not wasted, this is all unnecessary It is difficult to recruit workers. Many customers come to buy equipment because they cannot recruit workers. It sounds absurd, but in fact this problem is very common!

Disadvantages of manual cutting

  So can the use of a rubber boat cutter be able to solve the above problems? let’s look at it together

First of all, the equipment supports database import, so there is no need to get the mold plate type, import data, and cut directly; intelligent automatic typesetting system, the maximum use of materials, waste materials are not allowed; high-efficiency cutting of tungsten steel blades, high-strength materials are also It can give you a proper cut and paste; the operation is simple, easy to use, and the personnel requirements are not high.

What are the advantages of the rubber boat cutter?

1. Adopt high-performance multi-axis motion control system, easy maintenance, low cost, and provide personalized development services
2. The servo motor is used to drive the screw control mode, and it can be linked with the computer to preset the depth of the knife and the pressure of the knife according to different needs.
3. Fast and simple automatic tool setting system, using fiber laser sensor to accurately detect the tool, greatly improving the tool setting efficiency
4. The machine adopts imported accessories to ensure cutting accuracy and save as much power as possible.
5. The machine adopts infrared induction safety device to ensure the safety of the operator during the high-speed movement of the machine, and at the same time avoid the loss of cutting materials.
6. The system’s intelligent typesetting function provides better cutting and filling paths, as well as a dust-proof device, which reduces the equipment failure rate and prolongs the service life of the equipment.

cutting machine advantages

The above is a brief introduction to the rubber boat cutting machine. The equipment has many advantages. If you want to know more advantages or inquire about the price, please click to contact us, we will answer you within 24 hours!

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