Composite material automatic cutting device

Manufacturers in more than a dozen industries integrate composite materials into their products, taking advantage of the material’s strength, stability, and versatility. Including material costs, changing inputs, operator safety, and manufacturing environments, from clean to harsh, can vary widely even within the same facility. Therefore, it brings a very big challenge in cutting a variety of composite materials.

AOL CNC Cutting Equipment Co., Ltd. and a number of industry technical experts have developed a multi-functional composite material cutting machine, which has enabled many manufacturers to overcome these challenges and make cutting problems no longer a problem.

Composite material automatic cutting

What is a composite material?

Composite material is a new material that people use advanced material preparation technology to optimize the combination of material components with different properties.

Composite materials are generally defined to meet the following conditions:
1. Composite materials must be man-made, materials that people design and manufacture according to their needs.
2. The composite material must be composed of two or more material components with different chemical and physical properties in the designed form, proportion and distribution, and there is an obvious interface between the components.
3. It has structural designability and can carry out composite structural design.
4. Composite materials not only maintain the advantages of the properties of each component material, but also obtain comprehensive properties that cannot be achieved by a single component material through the complementarity and correlation of the properties of each component. Composite materials composed of high-performance reinforcements such as carbon fiber and aramid are high-performance heat-resistant polymers, and later metal-based, ceramic-based and carbon (graphite)-based and functional composite materials are included. Although their performance is excellent, their price is relatively high, and they are mainly used in the defense industry, aerospace, precision machinery, deep submersibles, robotic structural parts and high-end sporting goods, etc.

Composite material

Carbon fiber prepreg is a composite of epoxy resin on carbon fiber through high pressure and high temperature technology. Carbon fiber prepreg, also known as carbon fiber prepreg, is a composite material processed from carbon fiber yarn, epoxy resin, release paper and other materials through coating, hot pressing, cooling, lamination, winding and other processes. The prepreg can be directly processed into products through the mold, and the precision is relatively high. Some customers require the cutting precision to be less than 5 wires!

Since 2010, my country’s industrial output value has been the sum of the three countries of the United States, Japan and Germany, which is 13 times that of Russia.
In 2021, the global fiberglass pool kiln is producing 8.8 million tons, and 1.6 million tons are under construction and planned; my country plans to put into production more than 1 million tons

AoL composite material cutting machine supports customized cutting solutions, with functions such as single-layer/multi-layer feeding, automatic nesting, automatic cutting, punching, marking, automatic cutting, etc. Change material properties with high precision and high efficiency.
It adopts computer control and intelligent import pattern. It is a special equipment for flexible material cutting developed by AOL.
The equipment adopts blade cutting, which is smokeless and odorless, environmentally friendly, and has a cutting speed of 2m/s, which can perfectly solve the problems of low production efficiency and time-consuming manual cutting.
At the same time, the configuration of the composite material intelligent cutting machine adopts Panasonic servo motor, with ±0.1mm cutting error, automatic feeding, cutting and unloading as a whole, with cutting functions such as cutting, half cutting, marking, beveling, punching, indentation, etc. One equipment supports 4 labors, saving labor, materials and money!

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