If you want to be a winner, use the sponge cutting machine now!

Sponge is a kind of common porous elastic material in daily life, which has good water absorption. In life, people often use it as a cleaning item. Sponges are divided into natural sponges and artificial sponges. Natural sponges are often used for body cleaning and painting, while artificial sponges are widely used in the automobile industry, battery industry, cosmetics industry, bust underwear manufacturing and high-end furniture manufacturing due to their own characteristics.


Due to the wide range of applications and the requirements for the application shape of the sponge, the high-precision sponge cutting machine is designed as an exclusive equipment. The sponge cutting machine consists of two parts, the cutting table and the console, which are similar to billiard tables and self-service terminals. Various shapes of sponge shapes can be cut, sofa armrests, cushions, cushions, mattresses, etc.

The sponge cutting machine is mainly controlled by the industrial computer on the console. Various design software are installed in the computer. Through three-dimensional graphics, accurate to millimeters, the graphics cutting is completed, and the speed is fast and the cutting is dust-free. Different from the previous manual cutting, digital control can make the shape of the sponge more arbitrary, and the utilization rate of the sponge is higher, which can better meet the growing and diversified needs in the market.

sponge cutting machine

Sponge cutting machines are actually similar to laser cutting machines, flame cutting machines, stone cutting machines, etc. The differences in cutting tools and operating materials give them different names. Due to the different working objects and cutting tools of cutting machines, their requirements for automatic control devices are also different.

High-frequency vibration and dust caused by cutting are common environments for large-scale automated cutting equipment, so anti-vibration and dust-proof are the basic requirements of automatic control devices. Touch screen intelligence, a professional automation control solution provider, has extensive experience in the fields of industry, intelligent intelligent control, and the Internet of Things. Industrial-grade equipment, starting from the needs of the application environment, continues to practice, and meets the actual needs of equipment applications through multiple thoughtful design advantages.

Long-term operation control is the basic requirement of automatic cutting machine control device, high-performance processing can be equipped with various drawing software, simple operation, high cutting accuracy, low failure rate, low wear rate and so on. The sponge cutting machine is one of the automation equipment. Most of the automatic control equipment and industrial integrated machines can meet the needs and can be customized according to special needs.

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