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Insulation cover can be used for valve insulation, vulcanizers, steam turbines, cylinders and other equipment to keep in , The style of the insulation cover is also different, and the diversity of cutting increases the difficulty of cutting.


    Use the CNC vibration knife Insulation cover cutting machine for cutting, and the cold cutting method using blade cutting. Compared with the laser cutting machine, the cutting effect is good and the speed is fast. The automatic cutting system can replace 4-6 labor.


    The vibrating knife Insulation cover cutting machine is composed of three parts: feeding system, cutting system, and unloading system. Among them, there are many functions, and the most complicated one is the cutting part. The cutting part of the Insulation cover cutting machine includes automatic discharging system and material positioning. System, contour extraction system, cutting, slotting, punching, etc., suitable for cutting and slotting of glass fiber cotton, ceramic fiber cotton, EVA sound insulation cotton, gpes insulation board, GPRS insulation board, etc.

    The vibrating knife adopts a connecting rod rotation system, which uses the up and down vibration of the blade to generate cutting and breakdown force. At the same time, the 16-axis control system drives the knife head to move up and down, left and right, to generate cutting force and complete the cutting.

Advantages of Insulation cover cutting machine

1. High efficiency, the equipment adopts fully automatic cutting, from coil cutting to automatic unloading, one person is enough to complete the operation, and one equipment can replace 4-6 manual cutting.
2. High precision, using imported servo motor, pulse positioning, positioning accuracy ±0.01mm.
3. The cutting effect is good, the equipment adopts kinetic energy cutting, the cutting effect is guaranteed, and there will be no burrs or sawtooth.
4. Save materials, the equipment comes with a super discharge system, which saves more than 15% of materials compared with manual discharge.


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