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    Nubuck leather is a top-grade grain leather that has been sanded or polished on the grain or outside of the grain to form a velvety surface. It is wear-resistant and can be white or colored. It forms a frosted material surface with a good texture and appearance.

nubuck leather
    After the surface of the material is processed, it has become a material that can be used directly, but the leather material has different shapes and is not a regular pattern. When we are cutting, how to cut more patterns on the material to improve the utilization rate of the material? The essential.
    However, in the cutting process, the traditional cutting method is manual cutting. Laser cutting is not suitable for cutting this material. Cutting with a blade is the best cutting method. With the development of automation, it is recommended to use the numerical control nubuck leather cutting machine, which can intelligently identify contours and perform automatic typesetting, which is very convenient.
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AOL nubuck leather cutting machine advantage

1. A variety of cutter heads, not only can cut nubuck leather materials, but also a variety of flexible materials, which can be used for business development.
2. AOL nubuck leather cutting machine is equipped with industrial vision camera, high definition, zero error extraction contour,
3. The intelligent cutting system is equipped with intelligent typesetting, which improves material utilization and saves more than 30% of material costs.
4. Automatically pull and receive materials, saving time and effort, and reducing labor costs.
5. Use Japanese Panasonic servo system to increase production efficiency by more than five times
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Company Info

AOL is a famous CNC equipment factory located in Jinan, Shandong, China. AOL mainly produce CNC Knife Cutting Machine, Cutting Plotter, CNC Cutting Table and so on. We, as a high-tech enterprise, engaged in research, manufacture and sell the CNC cutting machine and relevant products.
AOL has gained CE certificate, FDA and ISO certificate. Company successfully produce AOL series products of more than 50 sorts, which enjoy good reputation and support.  Excellent quality and fast service makes our products spread all over the world as Europe, America, Middle east and South of Asia.
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