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What does home textile include?

Home Textile is a flexible woven material consisting of a network of natural or artificial fibres often referred to as thread or yarn. The United States is the biggest consumer of the home textiles imports, with countries like India, China, and Pakistan being the key suppliers.

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According to the usage scenarios, it can be divided into the following categories:

  1. Decorative textiles whose main object is to decorate the ground of buildings and structures. For example, soft floor materials processed with raw materials such as cotton, wool, silk, hemp, coconut palm and chemical fibers, mainly include carpets and lawns.
  2. Decorative textiles whose main object is to decorate the walls of buildings. Such as: silk products used as wall covering materials, landscapes, wall decoration knitted fabrics woven by warp knitting machines, wall decoration fabrics processed and woven by a method similar to weaving carpets, tapestries, various wall coverings , Wall felt, etc.
  3. Decorative textiles whose main objects are to decorate indoor doors, windows and spaces. Such as: various weaves, different materials and different screens, curtains, door curtains, isolation curtains, tents, etc.
  4. Decorative textiles whose main object is to decorate various furniture. Such as: sofa and chair fabrics, chair covers, table cloths, table cloths, lighting, cushions, seat cushions, etc.
  5. Decorative textiles whose main object is to decorate the bed. Commonly known as bedding includes: sheets, quilts, quilts, pillows and bedspreads, quilt covers, covers and various blankets, pillow towels, and so on.
  6. Decorative textiles used to decorate the catering, washing environment, and to meet the hygiene needs of washing. Such as various towels, bath towels, shower curtains, aprons, napkins, handkerchiefs, rags, mops, toilet traps, floor towels, blankets and other decorative textiles used in catering, cooking, toilets, etc.

Production process

1 Printing

With the development of science and technology, traditional printing methods have been replaced by CNC printing machines. The most common machines in the printing industry are:

Fabric direct injection machine“, suitable for printing on fabrics, nylon and other materials. Common brands include MIMAKI.

The “screen printing machine” is suitable for mass, single-color, two-color, and three-color printing. Common brands include Muto and Roland.

digital printing machine“, suitable for DIY customization and personalized pattern printing on cloth, common brands are Le.

If it is a small batch, single-piece printing, you can go directly to the heat transfer company or printing company.

If it is a large quantity, you can go directly to the manufacturer of the equipment.


From the traditional manual cutting to the current cutting with a CNC cutting machine, a variety of cutting methods have always existed.

Manual cutting method

There are many imperfections in manual cutting methods, such as low cutting accuracy and low cutting efficiency, and there are few professional technical cutting personnel and expensive.

Although the handmade clothes are expensive, the accuracy is not high, and the phenomenon of serious waste of materials still exists, this is unfair to the manufacturers of order-based production.

So now many users have chosen CNC cutting machines. His advantages are reflected in many aspects:

  1. Fast: more than three times the efficiency of manual cutting, and can work continuously for 24 hours, effectively shortening the order time.
  2. Efficiency improvement: CNC equipment, standard production process, less manual participation, and the machine is more efficient than manual.
  3. Cutting type: The traditional cutting method is difficult to cut for relatively high cloth, but the CNC cutting machine can cut.
  4. High precision: Intelligent equipment makes precise cutting without manual participation, and the cutting accuracy and quality standards are consistent.

In the era of numerical control, many people will choose numerical control automatic cutting machines to help their companies realize intelligence, increase economic income, and accept more orders.

We recommend AOL CNC automatic cutting equipment, based on automatic cutting and can save more material costs, because it has an intelligent typesetting system, the same material can have more usable parts.

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Let’s take a look at his evaluation:

This is a partial evaluation of the AOL automatic textile cutting machine. AOL CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. has 12 years of cutting equipment manufacturing experience. The professional R&D team is constantly improving the functions of the machine, so that the cutting machine can better solve the cutting problems of users. If you need a cutting machine, please leave a message to understand the communication, we will provide you with free material cutting solutions.

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Company Info

AOL is a famous CNC equipment factory located in Jinan, Shandong, China. AOL mainly produce CNC Knife Cutting Machine, Cutting Plotter, CNC Cutting Table and so on. We, as a high-tech enterprise, engaged in research, manufacture and sell the CNC cutting machine and relevant products.
AOL has gained CE certificate, FDA and ISO certificate. Company successfully produce AOL series products of more than 50 sorts, which enjoy good reputation and support.  Excellent quality and fast service makes our products spread all over the world as Europe, America, Middle east and South of Asia.
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