What is CNC Knife Cutting Plotter Machine?

What is CNC Knife Cutting Plotter Machine?

Flatbed knife cutting plotter machine is an intelligent digital CNC knife cutting system, the CNC knife cutting machine will automatically process the materials according to the design drawings (commonly used drawing software Corel DRAW, Auto CAD, Solid works, Adobe illustrator ect). Different industry have different names and the CNC knife cutting machine also called as oscillating knife cutting machine, oscillating cutter plotter, CNC knife cutter, oscillating knife cutter, digital knife cutter, flatbed cutter, cutter plotter, CNC knife cutter plotter, flatbed cutter plotter, CNC digital knife cutting machine, knife cutting system, flatbed knife cutting table, CNC knife cutting table, and so on.

The CNC knife cutting machine adopts the AOL control system, through the digital knife cutter plotter’s software to set the processing method and optimize the cutting path according the processing requirements of the material, and then download the file to the controller of flatbed knife cutting plotter machine.

By the digital control panel of CNC knife cutting machine to set well the processing parameters (cutting speed, acceleration speed, knife blade cutting depth, etc.) to command the machine tool to process the parts.

Through the AOL control panel to set the cutting parameters (cutting speed, acceleration, cutting depth etc.) and the CNC knife cutting machine will automatically process the material according to the drawing.

Intelligent CNC knife cutting machine uses the high-frequency vibration of the knife blade to achieve the cutting purpose. 

Tools equipped with CNC knife cutting machine

Different industries with different materials and processing technology, so that the cutting tools selection will be different also for our digital knife cutting machine. In order to meet the processing requirements for different materials, our multi-function CNC knife cutter plotter can be equipped with many tools, such as: POT, EOT, creasing wheel, v-cutter, driven tool, wheel knife blade tool, kiss cut tool, drawing tool, hole punching tool, Italy 1100w air cooling router spindle, auto feeding conveyor belt system, CCD camera vision system, Projector nesting system.

How Many Types of Flatbed Knife Cutting Machine?

2021 affordable CNC knife cutting machine table size mainly include  AOL-0609,AOL-1615,AOL-1625,AOL-2125,AOL-2130 and so on. We can customize the CNC oscillating knife cutting machine for you according to your processing requirements.

For processing a variety of different materials, our company have many types of digital knife cutter machine, such as fabric knife cutting machine, leather knife cutting machine, vinyl knife cutting machine, foam knife cutting machine, CNC cardboard knife cutting machine, corrugated board knife cutting machine, package box knife cutting machine, gasket CNC knife cutting machine, rubber knife cutting machine, fiberglass CNC knife cutting machine, floor mat knife cutting machine, and so on.

Flatbed Knife Cutter Machine Advantages

  1. Advanced AOLCNC control system with Ethernet port, easy to operate.
  2. All the wires and drag chains of the machine adopt German IGUS.
  3. Whole CNC oscillating knife cut machine is welded with thick 4mm and 6mm square seamless steel structure and treated with high temperature, ensures high accuracy, no deformation and super long service life. Total weight of digital knife cutter plotter about 1450KGS.
  4. Flatbed knife cutting machine adopts Japan Panasonic servo motor and driver, fast cutting speed with high precision.
  5. The anti-collision and emergency stop devices ensure the security of CNC oscillating knife cutter.
  6. Our standard model knife cutter machine’s table with 8 independently controlled vacuum zones, powerful adsorption force for small size materials.
  7. Digital knife cutting machine can be equipped with different tools to meet a variety of needs.
  8. The machine cuts by knife blade,and cutting speed up to 2000mm/s, highly improve the production efficiency.

Application of Digital Knife Cutter Machine

AOL CNC knife cutting machine work with computer by Ethernet cable, you can send any design shape to this cutter for cutting purpose. Below are the materials that cut by this cutter plotter :

Garment Industry

Materials: fabric, cloth, textile, garment, leather, vinyl ect.

Advertising Industry

Materials: stand display, printing PVC board, KT board, acrylic, paper, EVA, foam,Vinyl Sticker, Reflecting material, Outdoor advertising, signs ect.

Sealing & Gasket Industry

Materials: Non asbestos gasket, silicone gasket, tanged graphic gaskets, rubber gasket, cork gasket, PTFE, Teflon

Package Industry

Materials: cardboard, carton board, corrugated board, honeycomb board, grey board, paper, plastic, EVA, EPE foam, PVC foam, polyethylene foam ect.

Household industry

Materials: floor mat, carpet, tablecloth, curtain, sofa

cutting machine for cardboard
gasket cutting machine
Best Chinese oscillating knife cutter

Other Special industry

1). Ceramic expansion mat for three way catalytic converter.

2). Foam for thermal insulation and heat preservation industry.

3). Sound-absorbing and acoustic insulation foam fiber board and rock sponge for home, KTV room, recording studio, an audio visual room, cinema, TV, radio.

4). Fiberglass due to its corrosion resistance and thermal insulation properties widely used for chemical, aerospace and aviation, robotics, racing, and a wide variety of industrial applications.

5). Graphitic film layers for battery industry.

6). Composite materials for automotive, helicopters, aircraft and automotive parts, etc.

Manufacturer oscillating knife cutting machine for sale, China Digital Cutter Plotter Machine to buyer with cost price and free oscillating knife cutting machine support from China manufacturer – AOL CNC. Oscillating CNC Knife Cutting machine is designed to provide accurate cutting of heavier flexible and semi-rigid materials. 

Oscillating Knife Cutting allows the machine to accurately cut square corners and maintain part accuracy. Best knife cutting solution for corrugated paper board, Corrugated Cardboard, fabric, rubber, gasket, foam, fiberglass, snowboard and ski base materials, wood veneer for inlay/marquetry artwork, leather, carbon fiber pre-preg laminates for aerospace, military, and automotive components, cardboard for custom packaging, and much more.

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