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There will be a mature process for cutting high-quality leather materials. The intelligent cutting machine is a cutting method with a clear trend. It represents efficiency, accuracy, quality, and benefit. It is an important partner for economic development and growth. Here is an introduction to CNC leather The cutting process of the cutting machine.

conomic benefits.

Manual inspection of materials: leather must have defects, and leather materials will have certain defects more or less. Before cutting, necessary manual inspection must be carried out.

Mark blemishes

After manually inspecting the leather material, mark the defect and the circle mark is appropriate. The purpose is to let the camera scan the defect and avoid it intelligently.

Tile leather material

After marking the defect, flatten the material on the cutting platform. The leather cutting machine will absorb the material when cutting the leather material to make it a fixed position. If it is not flattened, it will cause wrinkles during adsorption, which will affect the cutting effect.

The main camera recognizes the outline

The leather cutting machine scans the outline of the material, and the high-definition camera recognizes the outline of the material and generates the cutting pattern on the computer.

Tool head camera to identify defects

There is a small camera on the knife head of the leather cutting machine, and he will execute the full-material scanning command to scan the defects accurately again.

Computer intelligent typesetting (avoid flaws)

Operate the computer to start importing patterns, and the computer starts to perform intelligent typesetting. Of course, this typesetting must be typeset to avoid defects, and the computer will display the typesetting progress.

Start cutting

After the typesetting is completed, the cutting starts. If the cutting area is relatively large, multiple tool holders of the double beam can be cut at the same time, saving time and improving cutting efficiency.

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