What is a plotter cutter used for ?


CNC cutting machines are now the main force in product production. Larger materials or shapes require cutting machines to complete. With the development of technology, current CNC cutting machines have become the mainstream, and in order to meet the needs of the cutting environment, A kind of cutting plotter machine began to appear and began to popularize, because of its small size and flexible movement, the following introduces’what is the plotter cutter used for?’ and the materials that can be cut to help you better according to yourself Choose the CNC cutting machine for the materials.

What is plotter cutter

Plotter cutter can also be called cutting ploter or flatbed cutting plotter. It is suitable for cutting samples and small batches of customized production. It is mainly used for cutting materials in the advertising packaging industry. It can perform standard cutting, creases, bevel cuts, etc. Make. His volume is small, suitable for cutting in multiple environments.

Cutting method of plotter cutter

1. File import and cutting, support PLX or DXF and other multi-format file import, you can start cutting after setting the parameters easily.
When cutting materials with printed patterns, plotter cutter will automatically recognize Mark points for cutting.
2. Two-dimensional code cutting. Materials with printed patterns can be cut using the QR code function. Each material has a unique QR code. The camera can automatically cut after scanning the QR code. (The premise is that the cutting path is set in the information of the QR code)

Adaptation tool

1. Concussion knife
2. Drag the knife
3. Pressure wheel
4. Marker pen
5. Feeding tools
6.CCD camera

What is the plotter cutter used for


cardboard, KT board, stickers, PP paper, etc.


corrugated cardboard, gray cardboard, kraft paper, etc.
All in all, Plotter cutter is a small CNC cutting machine suitable for advertising packaging industry. It has complete functions and AOL plotter cutter has high-precision recognition and high-speed cutting, and is a reliable partner for optimizing creativity. For more information, please click on the message and wait for professional reply.

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