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  Absorbing material refers to a type of material that can absorb or greatly weaken the electromagnetic wave energy received on its surface, thereby reducing the interference of electromagnetic waves. In engineering applications, in addition to requiring the absorbing material to have a high absorption rate of electromagnetic waves in a wide frequency band, it is also required to have light weight, temperature resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties.

  Due to the particularity of this material, the cutting requirements are also extremely important. Here we recommend that you use AOL CNC absorbing material cutting machine for cutting!

Absorbing material

With the development of modern science and technology, the impact of electromagnetic wave radiation on the environment is increasing. In airports, planes and flights are delayed due to electromagnetic interference; in hospitals, mobile phones often interfere with the normal operation of various electronic medical instruments. Therefore, it has become a major subject of material science to control electromagnetic pollution and find a material that can resist and weaken electromagnetic wave radiation – absorbing material.

Electromagnetic radiation causes direct and indirect damage to the human body through thermal effects, non-thermal effects and cumulative effects. Studies have confirmed that ferrite absorbing materials have the best performance, and it has the characteristics of high absorption frequency band, high absorption rate, and thin matching thickness. The application of this material in electronic equipment can absorb leaked electromagnetic radiation and achieve the purpose of eliminating electromagnetic interference. According to the law that electromagnetic waves propagate in the medium from low magnetic to high magnetic permeability, high-permeability ferrite is used to guide electromagnetic waves, and through resonance, a large amount of radiation energy of electromagnetic waves is absorbed, and then the energy of electromagnetic waves is converted into heat energy through coupling.

Application of absorbing materials:

Coating absorbing materials on various weapons and equipment and military facilities such as aircraft, missiles, tanks, ships, warehouses, etc. can absorb reconnaissance radio waves and attenuate reflected signals, thereby breaking through the defense area of enemy radar. This is a kind of anti-radar reconnaissance. A powerful means of reducing the exposure of weapon systems to infrared-guided missiles and laser weapons.

Absorber Application

The advantages of the absorbing material cutting machine:

1. Independently develop and design CAM software, intelligent software compensates, optimizes the cutting path, and improves production energy efficiency
2. Using high-quality linear guide, the accuracy error is ±0.1mm.
3. Fully automatic equipment, automatic loading and unloading, saving labor costs.
4. The system intelligently optimizes typesetting and cutting, provides better cutting and filling paths, and saves more than 30% of materials.
5. Power saving and variable frequency vacuum adsorption, saving more than 30% of electricity.
6. Infrared induction safety device ensures the safety of the operator during the high-speed movement of the machine, and at the same time avoids the loss of cutting materials.
7. Anti-static interference and soft start device protect the safety and stability of the equipment.
8. The whole machine is dust-proof to reduce the equipment failure rate and prolong the service life of the equipment.

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cutting machine advantages

Why choose our Absorber Cutting Machine?

AOL absorbing material cutting machine has 14 years of industry experience, the machine cutting speed is fast, the operation is simple, and it can perfectly cut the pattern you want. We have an independent factory with an area of 11,000 square meters and 139 employees. Design, production, sales, delivery and after-sales service processes can be fully realized. We have provided satisfied reviews to more than 8,000 customers worldwide. Our products have passed ISO9001, CE certification. You can buy with confidence!

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