Aluminum foil paper rock wool board cutting machine details

Aluminum foil paper rock wool board cutting machine is a new generation of intelligent cutting machine, also known as vibration knife cutting machine. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, no pollution and high intelligence.

Aluminum foil rock wool board is a kind of rock wool board, waterproof performance is very strong a kind of insulation material. Aluminum foil rock wool board is in the rock wool board basic material surface attached to a layer of aluminum foil. Aluminum foil paper as a kind of industrial manufacturing raw and auxiliary materials, products are mainly used in packaging protection, daily necessities, construction and so on. Can qualitative, ensure shading, not falling, opaque, pollution-free, cheap. For high – grade cigarette, candy, insulation materials and other moisture – proof and decoration. Rock wool board surface attached with a layer of aluminum foil paper, for the waterproof performance of rock wool board has a great effect.

Aluminum foil rock wool board

Aluminum foil rock wool board cutting machine adopts computer control blade cutting, computer import data, equipment automatically decompose cutting shape and cutting steps, driving motor up and down around reciprocating movement, so as to achieve the effect of cutting.

What are the performance characteristics of aluminum foil paper rock wool board?

Waterproof and heat preservation: enhanced waterproof performance, heat preservation performance due to its low thermal conductivity, with good heat preservation and heat insulation effect.

Fire prevention: the surface material and thermal insulation material of rock wool board are non-combustible materials, which can fully meet the requirements of fire prevention specifications. The combustion performance depends on the amount of inflammable adhesive. Rock wool itself is inorganic mineral fiber is not flammable.

Durability: it has been proved by research that the shelf life of color steel plate processed by special coating is 10-15 years. After that, anti-corrosion coating is sprayed every 10 years, and the life of plate can reach more than 35 years.

Beautiful: can meet the needs of any style of buildings, to achieve satisfactory results.

Sound insulation performance: rock wool, slag wool products have excellent sound insulation and sound absorption performance, the sound absorption mechanism is that this product has a porous structure, when the sound wave through, due to the effect of flow resistance friction, so that part of the sound energy is absorbed by the fiber, blocking the transmission of sound waves.

What are the applicable scope of aluminum foil rock wool board?

Petrochemical industry – petroleum, electric power, chemical industry equipment insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction.

Building industry – insulation, insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction of building partitions, curtain walls, roofs and enclosures.

Industrial and mining industries – industrial furnaces, ovens, large caliber storage tanks and ships of heat preservation and fire prevention, can also stick moisture-proof aluminum foil, black (white) glass fiber cloth reinforced glass fiber felt and other decoration and moisture-proof veneer on the surface of rock wool board.

What are the advantages of aluminum foil paper rock wool board cutting machine?

1. Independently developed and designed CAM software, intelligent software to compensate and optimize cutting path to improve production energy efficiency.

2. High quality linear guide rail, precision error ±0.1mm.

3. Adopt Japanese Panasonic servo system to increase production efficiency by more than 5 times.

4. Automatic equipment, can realize automatic loading and unloading, save labor cost

5. The system intelligently optimizes typesetting and cutting, provides better cutting and filling paths, and saves more than 30% of materials.

6. Infrared sensor safety device, to ensure the safety of the operator in the process of high-speed movement of the machine, while avoiding the loss of cutting materials.

7. Anti-static system of the whole machine, to maximize the protection of personnel safety

8. Aluminum magnesium alloy adsorption platform, durable without deformation.

Vibration knife aluminum foil paper rock wool board cutting machine promotes the development and progress of domestic intelligent cutting, can let manufacturers save a lot of cost, drive manufacturers to develop and progress together. AOL has 14 years of industry experience, has been committed to the production and optimization of CNC cutting machine, factory covers an area of 11,000 square meters, 139 employees. We have provided satisfactory service to more than 8000 customers worldwide. Our products have passed ISO9001, CE certification, with perfect pre-sale and after-sales service, can be targeted to develop plans, and one to one guidance, to ensure that you can master the operation method as soon as possible!

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