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  Rubber-plastic cotton is a common thermal insulation material in life, a classification of foam, and a new and widely used sound insulation, waterproof and sound-absorbing material. Products with soft texture, low density, low thermal retention coefficient, good flexibility, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, heat preservation, sound absorption and shock resistance are widely used in various fields.

rubber plastic cotton

  Rubber plastic cotton cutting is also a problem that manufacturers are very concerned about. At present, there are horizontal and vertical cutting machines, punching machines and intelligent cutting machines on the market. The three have their own advantages and disadvantages. The choice is mainly based on the user’s budget and cutting effect. Next, AOL According to these two directions, we will explain in detail.

  The horizontal and vertical cutting machine simply cuts square equipment, which is not suitable for finishing, but its price is relatively cheap, and manufacturers with relatively simple processing can consider using it. The punching machine supports special-shaped cutting equipment, and a mold needs to be opened before cutting the shape. This kind of mold The cost is relatively high. If it is not a large-scale cutting project, it is not recommended to choose, and punching will cause the problem of inconsistent accuracy, which also requires more attention.

  The intelligent cutting machine, also known as the rubber plastic cotton cutter, is a device for cutting rubber and plastic cotton in special shapes, batches and small batches. It supports all cutting forms of horizontal and vertical cutting machines and punching machines. With the ability of special-shaped cutting, the equipment adopts data cutting, supports automatic typesetting, automatic loading and unloading, and supports grooving, cutting, punching and other processes, and can solve various processes in one machine.

rubber plastic cotton cutting machine

  The rubber plastic cotton intelligent cutting machine has self-developed multi-axis control software. The automatic typesetting function can save more than 15% of materials compared with manual typesetting. The positioning accuracy is ±0.01mm, and the cutting accuracy is ±0.2mm (depending on the toughness of the material). The cutting accuracy High cutting speed, the running speed can reach 2000mm/s, and the cutting edge has no burrs and no burrs.

The above is the relevant introduction to the rubber plastic cotton cutting machine. I believe that everyone has an in-depth understanding. If there is anything else you want to know, please contact us!

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