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Waterproof fabric is a new type of textile fabric, which is composed of polymer waterproof and breathable material (PTFE membrane) and fabric composite fabric.

waterproof fabric

Waterproof fabric cutting machine can realize multi-layer cutting, and the vibrating knife cutting does not damage the material, which can achieve 4 times the efficiency of output, vacuum adsorption, one-key import pattern, special-shaped cutting, precise positioning, automatic knife setting, various graphics, and more One size, fully intelligent cutting, say goodbye to manual low-yield and low-quality cutting! Fully automated operation, quality and quantity, bid farewell to the era of low production, and it is no longer difficult to recruit workers!

carbon fibre reinforced plastic cutting machine

1. Hand-painted version, non-standard cutting, low efficiency
2. The version is complex, the variety is difficult to manage, and it is easy to wear
3. Manual layout is time-consuming, wastes materials, and increases costs
4. Professional tailoring workers have high salaries, obvious off-peak seasons, and difficulty in recruiting
5. The risk factor of manual cutting is high
6. The order requirements are getting higher and higher, and traditional laser cutting cannot meet them

This is the problem that we have followed up with clothing manufacturers, including that there are still many manufacturers who cut by hand, which is not only inefficient, wastes raw materials, but also fails to meet the requirements of efficiency and accuracy, so many manufacturers use waterproof fabric cutting machines to cut their material.

What are the advantages of waterproof fabric cutting machine?

1. AOLCUT self-developed software can be imported with one key, and ordinary workers can be proficient in 2 hours
2. The software and material utilization rate of Super Nesting Master has been increased by more than 10%
3. Select Taiwan linear guide drive system, with an accuracy of ±0.1mm
4. Using Japanese Panasonic servo system, the production efficiency is increased by more than five times
5. AOL’s unique tool exchange system, automatic completion of cutting, punching and marking
6. Automatic material pulling, automatic material receiving, saving time and effort
7. The annual saving of labor and raw materials is more than 500,000, which greatly improves the competitiveness of products

cutting machine advantages

AOL intelligent blade cutting machine has high precision and high efficiency. Our professional after-sales service can provide automatic cutting solutions for various industries.
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