Shoe sample cutting machine

The shoe sample cutting machine is mainly for customers to solve various complicated pattern cutting and shoe pattern drawing, (suitable for shoe factory layout leveling, computer calculation, computer cutting pattern.) Computer shoe pattern layout, computer shoe pattern cutting, computer row Knife calculation) aol technology shoe special computer cutter; simple operation and convenient maintenance; for shoe factories to solve many troubles of shoe pattern cutting, the machine can draw various numbers and letters for the majority of shoe factories/clothing factories cutting brings shoe-like solutions.

Shoe sample cutting machine use: It is widely used in shoe industry, shoe pattern design room, shoe mold, shoe sole factory pattern cutting, can be connected to any shoe industry plane, 3D shoe pattern design software, level release of shoe patterns of different shoe sizes, through the shoe Sample cutting machine, cut out the sample, you can customize the text in the shoe sample, half knife, full knife. At the same time, Shoe sole cutting machine can cut two kinds of strokes: white cardboard, red cardboard, PVC board and other materials.

shoe sample cutting machine

High-efficiency and low-cost cutting system: The shoe pattern system cuts quickly and beautifully, saving the cost and time of knife mold manufacturing, allowing new shoe patterns to be put into the market in time, and quickly adapting to market changes.

Machine control software adopts optimized layout and defect recognition technology

Shoe sample cutting machine workflow:

  1. Pattern input: Scan the shoe pattern once with the scanner, and the computer will convert the pattern into the pattern line with one button.
  2. Design function: design a half-panel easily and quickly, extract any required shoe pieces from the half-panel, automatically add edges, variable edges, arbitrary arrangement of dot matrix, group sharing designation and standard icon simulation ranking.
  3. Leveling function: It only takes ten seconds to release a full set of number templates, which is accurate and fast.
  4. Pattern editing: It has various practical special graphics, wave line editing, graphics viewing, graphics calling and measurement functions.
  5. Sample output: After the sample level is placed, the software will automatically typesetting and drawing and cutting, and automatically remember the position of the drawing and cutting sample, which saves materials and is practical.
  6. Group level placement function: In the pattern level placement of sports shoes and casual shoes, designers need to designate several numbers to share a certain version in order to save mold costs and smooth production. In the process of sharing, you only need Specify a certain version as a shared version, and other related template sharing settings will be automatically transitioned to complete the grading.

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