Product Innovation of Aol

As an emerging company, after 11 years of development, AOL has developed into the number one brand in the digital cutting field in northern China. Its rapid development is due to the rapid pace of product upgrades.

In the development process of AOL for more than 10 years, AOL people deeply realize that there is no shortcut to technological innovation, only through long-term investment and concentrated research. In the process of technology and product innovation, Midea always aims to grasp the most essential needs of customers, pays attention to cross-industry and cross-field technology and successfully applies it to its products, to maximize product performance and life experience.

In recent years, AOL has fully implemented the in-depth transformation of the digital process of the production line, opening up all links from design to manufacturing, shortening the product development cycle and improving production efficiency.

aol cnc

In the vibrating knife production industry, Aolai’s research and development speed and upgrade speed are the fastest.

Take digital graphic cutting plotter as an example

From the launch of this product in early 2020 to March 2021, we have updated from the first generation to the fifth generation.

From the original 6040 to the current 1070, from the original only 2mm thick material can be cut to 10mm now.

In the later stage, it will continue to be upgraded, the cutting speed will be faster, the cutting thickness will be thicker, and the materials that can be cut will be more.

AOL has incorporated digitalization and artificial intelligence into the ranks of product design, and product innovation will be faster. In the near future, AOL cutting machine will be integrated with robots and robotic arms to meet the higher-end needs of users.

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