Knitted Fabric Cutting System

    During cutting, separate garment components are cut out from the fabric spreading in accordance with their shape and number determined by the marker. Fabric cutting is completed by different types of fabric cutting machines. 

Fully Manual Fabric Cutting Methods

1. Hand shears: Hand shears are commonly utilised for cutting single or double fabric plies. The lower blade passes under the plies; however, the consequent distortion of the fabric is temporary and accurate cutting to the line can be attained only with practice. The major drawback in this method is that it is a time intensive one and incurs a higher labour cost per garment.
The Round Knife Cloth Cutting Machine contains some key features, which are mentioned in this article. Features of Round Knife Cloth Cutting Machine: Various key features of round knife cutting machine have mentioned below: Here, blade diameter varies from 110mm,125mm. The blade is circular and has a very sharp edge. The blade is driven here by using electric power. The circular knife is driven by 1000rpm to 3500rpm. It also depends on the machine. The main parts of round knife cutting m/c are base plate, electric motor, handle (for the cutter to direct the blade). In a round knife cutting machine, a circular blade rotating so that the leading edge cuts downwards into the fabric. The round knife contains around but slightly octagonal type knife with a sharp edge. Here, a manual grinder is used. It is easy to handle & movement due to its low weight. Here, the knife is lubricating manually. Four types of knife or blade edges (blade edge, wave edge, toothed edge, and circular edge) are used here for different objects. In the case of round knife cutting m/c, flexible movement helps to cut nonlinear shapes. Here, the base plate provides support for the fabric. In the case of round knife cutting m/c, 40% of the knife diameter can be used for the fabric lay. It is suitable for single-ply cutting as well as multilayers such as 20-30 layers. It is also useful for cutting layer parts of the garments. Commonly used to cut straight lines or large radius curves, AOL round knives are a combination of versatility, power, and ease of use – all in one. The round knives are designed for a wide range of applications – from the softest silks to the toughest industrial fabrics. With five different blade sizes, various horsepower ratings and custom engineered gear ratios, the round knife is unsurpassed for straight cuts. Maximize performance and maneuverability by selecting the smallest blade size to handle current and anticipated greatest ply thickness. The possibilities of these powerful machines are endless. This reliable Round Knife Cloth Cutting Machine can cut from a single ply of fabric right up to one inch high, making it a very versatile, lightweight machine.

2. Knitted fabric cutting system:

Roller device: Providing roller device can ensure smoothness of the materials in the process of conveying and cutting. Different rollers height can be set according to different characteristics and specifications of coil, so as to improve the output and quality of cutting.
Table compensation function: The flatness of the table is detected by the high-precision distance detector, and the software is corrected in real time by the software to achieve the perfect cutting effect.

The difference between computer automatic cutting system and traditional cutting technology

In the cutting process of industrial garment production, cutting determines the subsequent process and the quality of the finished product. A high-quality ready-made garment, good cutting is the first level! The most important technological requirement for cutting is cutting accuracy.

Traditional cutting technology:
1) Manual cutting poor precision
2) Hard to recruit,Low production efficiency
3) Cannot meet continuous work

Computer automatic fabric cutting system:
1) Machine cutting efficiency is three to five times more than manual cutting
2) Can work 24 hours continuously
3) Laser projection, the grid cut automatically
4) High cutting accuracy, zero error
5) Smokeless and no bad smelling, meeting customers’ higher requirements

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Oscillating knife cutting machine

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