How to choose the right carbon fiber felt cutting machine ?

How to choose the right carbon fiber felt cutting machine ?

There are many carbon fiber felt cutting machines in the market at present,many users don’t know how to choose it when they buy it,here are some tips for buying a few carbon fiber felt cutting machine for your reference:

1. Cutting speed: After meet the demand of Carbon Fiber Felt Cutting precision then we can talk about with the cutting speed, AOL carbon fiber felt cutting machine adopt Japan Yaskawa servo motor and driver, provide optimum cutting performance and fast, accurate results.
2. Saving consumption: Carbon Fiber Felt Cutting Machinewith fast cutting speed anf high cutting precision,save time,save labor and save cost.machine cutting with knife blade,no burn no smoke is good to the environment protection .
3. More safe for operation: Equipped with infrared security devices , can effectively protect the safety of the operator

Carbon Fiber Felt Cutting Machine

There are two main factors to consider

Firstly, there is a choice between an integrated machine or separate printer and cutter. This is mainly down to volume, with an integrated machine being a good starting point, offering both low cost and a small footprint. But higher volume users should consider separate devices, which will offer greater flexibility and productivity.

The second issue is the workflow, with the printer having to be able to print the registration marks that the particular cutter is expecting. Bear in mind that the cutter will almost certainly outlive the printer, so the workflow for the cut marks should be independent of the printer or flexible enough to work with whatever printer you might buy in the future.

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