How to improve production efficiency in the carton industry?

Aol cutting machine can cut a variety of flexible materials, like paper, cloth, leather, composite materials and other flexible materials can be cut.

Applicable to a wide range of industries, including carton industry, advertising industry, clothing industry, gasket industry, luggage industry Wait, but in overseas markets, customers in the carton industry buy our machines the most. It is mainly used to cut corrugated cardboard and honeycomb cardboard to make carton packaging.

In order to better design customized machines for customers in the packaging industry, we have specifically learned about the most common production process of corrugated boxes.

Corrugated box die cut machine

Carton production process

  1. The paper separation process includes paper trimming and thread pressing. Paper trimming and crimping are separate. Paper separating machine

Cut the cardboard to make the edges of the cut paper smooth and tidy. The paper dividing knife must be sharp and not chipped. If the knife

If the film is not sharp, then the cut cardboard contains paper scraps, impurities, etc., which may cause the printed product to fail to meet the requirements. Pressure

The thread is completed by a crimping machine.

  1. Ink printing Ink printing has single printing, which uses a chain to feed the cardboard directly for printing, which is a simple printing.

There are other printing, such as dual printing. Due to the difference in papermaking raw materials, the absorption is different. Some have low absorption performance,

The ink drying speed is slower; some have low absorption performance, and the ink drying speed is faster. In the printing process, in fact

There will be many problems. Such as printing quality, printing errors and so on. Some small mistakes can be remedied. For example, it is printed wrong

For a certain word, you can contact the customer, and if he agrees, repost a correct one on the wrong word. If the customer is different

Of course, that batch of products is waste, because the printed cardboard cannot be recycled.

  1. Slotting is performed on the printed cardboard with a slotting machine. The basic principle is the same as that of a crimping machine.
  2. When nailing or gluing boxes is combined with cartons, it is nailing or gluing boxes according to the needs of customers. If you need a nail box

To use a box nailing machine, use a box gluer for gluing boxes.

  1. After the packaging cartons are glued, they are distributed through the conveyor rack for packing and bundling.
  2. Put the packed cartons into the warehouse

In these production links, the AOL carton cutting machine can be used mainly in the first separation link and the third slotting link.

With AOL cutting machine, the two links can be combined into one, which greatly improves the production efficiency of carton enterprises.

With AOL carton cutting machine, the cutting path can be directly led to the control center, or a CCD camera can be installed for MARK point recognition. One machine can complete feeding, cutting, creasing, grooving, and punching at the same time. And we are developing a robotic arm, which can realize the functions of receiving and sorting in the later stage.

In addition, Aolai independently researched and developed an industrial vision system, which can realize the cutting of special-shaped printing materials and make packaging styles more diverse.

If you want to improve the production efficiency of the carton industry or save labor costs, Aolai cutting machine is your best choice!

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