How to choose a reasonable price digital cutting machine?

When choosing a digital cutting machine, we are often at a loss. How can we choose a reasonably priced digital cutter?

Digital cutting machine brand, motor, and other configurations not only determine the price but also determine the service life. Therefore, we must pay attention to this information when we automatic digital cutting equipment.

Big price difference

As a new product that conforms to the market trend, the digital cutting machine is very popular among users for its precision and high cutting speed. Nowadays, the digital vibrating knife cutting machine on the market varies from good to bad, and the price is also different: some tens of thousands, some hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and some businesses are labeled “XX vibration knife cutting machine $6000”. It is directly Bewildered to you. What’s more, some sellers only mark the price, obscure the address or even not mark the address, so that users who are unable to visit the site do not know that this is actually a small workshop.

aol cutting machine

Know what your industry needs

When we choose, we must understand what we are buying a digital electric die cutter for, what material to cut, and the thickness and size of the material to be cut.

Some digital die cutting machines have a surrounding structure and can be equipped with an exchange platform to save loading and unloading time. Vibrating knife cutting machine

The more functions there are, the higher the price will be. You can choose according to your needs.

Choose a vibrating knife digital cutting machine with moderate format and high precision

After selecting the machine type, choose the table of the vibrating knife cutting machine according to the size of your cutting material. The same series of the same power format is large and the price is high, but a large format is not good. Some machines with poor quality have different points on the large format. The average laser output is unstable, so it is correct to choose the appropriate format.

Of course, we must also pay attention to the accuracy of the vibrating knife digital cutting machine. The greater the accuracy, the better the cutting surface. The cutting speed of the digital cutting machine should also be taken into consideration. After all, the cutting speed is fast and the efficiency is high, and the profit generated at the same time is also greater.

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Next, I will introduce how to choose a digital cutting machine correctly. We can consider from the following aspects:

  1. The type of material and industry that need to be cut

The vibrating knife automatic cutting machine (Aol) is mainly for the cutting of non-metallic materials. The materials involved are: leather materials, fur materials, clothing fabrics, sofa home textile fabrics, composite materials, carpet floor mat materials, gaskets, automotive interiors Ornaments and so on. The thickness of the cutting will vary depending on the material. Generally, the thickness of 50mm has the best cutting effect.

When choosing a digital cutting machine, first check whether your material can be cut. If you are not sure, you can ask the cutting machine manufacturer. There are many materials that can be cut and the cutting effect is very good, but because I don’t know it, I missed it.

  1. The core components of the cutting machine

Like the material of the body, the quality of the cutter head, the ease of operation of the software, the brand of the motor, the brand and model of the guide rail, cable, components and other accessories.

The following is an overview of the AoL machine, the specific detailed configuration requires you to understand in detail when purchasing, whether the quality is excellent. This seriously affects the cutting efficiency and cutting accuracy of the vibrating knife cutting machine.

 a.The wall thickness of lathe bed structure is 6mm, the weight of the whole machine is up to 1.5 tons;

 b. Transmission structure is Taiwan rail, drive motor is Japan Panasonic servo;

 c. Independently developed touch screen control system, simple operation and powerful function;

 d. Power-saving fan, tracking adsorption (moving with gantry, automatic partition adsorption, standard 8 partitions);

 e, Japan ONK industrial polyurethane belt;

 f, France Schneider switch electric,  price of Schneider brand electric 150¥, domestic Chint electric only¥20;

 g, Japan Omron limit switch , Omron switch ¥135,domestic brand is ¥10;

 h. Aviation aluminum vacuum adsorption board;

 i. Felt(on feeding platform) imported from the Netherlands;

j, The machine comes standard with a soft start device;

k, Anti-static interference device.

  1. The initial selection of the manufacturer

No matter what product to choose, you need to have a certain understanding of the manufacturer, and initially choose the manufacturer, especially for large-scale CNC equipment.

After selecting the manufacturer, you can bring your own materials to try the sample cutting to see if the whole cut can meet your needs.

  1. After-sales service and guarantee

When deciding to buy, there is another thing that is very important, that is, after-sales service. Many friends have problems after purchasing from small manufacturers. They cannot contact the manufacturer in any way, and will not solve it in time. This is too delay. However, especially in the peak order period, it is very fatal.

Therefore, in order to avoid this kind of phenomenon, we must not ignore the after-sales matter.

Here is the after-sales guarantee for Aol

  • Three-year warranty (except for consumables: knives tool, blades, felts, the vacuum pump, free replacement of accessories );
  • Lifetime free service;
  • Free upgrade software for life;
  • AOL Served more than 25000 clients all over the world


CNC cutter for fabric

These words are not just words, they are really done for customers. Your trust, feedback to you with high-quality equipment and considerate service, is what a manufacturer should and must do.

When purchasing a fully automatic digital cutting machine, the above points must be paid attention to. Some small details need to be determined according to your own needs. If you have any questions, you can leave a message in the inquiry area of the website to answer it for you! thanks for your support!

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