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With the development of industrial technology, the cutting machine has developed from the traditional cutting method to the current CNC cutting machine. There are two kinds of CNC cutting machine atmospheres: laser cutting machine and blade cutting machine. Laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting metal materials and relatively hard materials. A good cutting effect can be obtained. The blade cutting machine is suitable for cutting flexible materials. It does not cut materials through heat source cutting, which is more environmentally friendly and improves material utilization. What materials can laser cutting machines cut? What materials can the blade cutter cut? What is the difference between a laser cutting machine and a blade cutting machine? Next, let me introduce to you.

gasket cutting machine

    On the street, advertisements can be seen everywhere. There are many types of advertisements, such as: billboards, body advertisements, murals, signs, scaffolding, inflatable billboards, window display pictures, banners and posters, stage backgrounds, and mobile -Style graphic display, wedding photography, posters, indoor display board advertisements, engineering and garden renderings, advertising display pictures, commercial and civil interior decoration, business document covers, digital albums, charts, banners, banners, adhesive trademarks, Art photo, antique oil painting, window advertising and many other fields.
    It is not limited to the way the advertisement is displayed, and the material and medium of the advertisement are also different.
    PP film: high gloss, bright colors, high image resolution, good anti-aging and tensile properties, there are two kinds of matte and smooth;
Cold laminating film: PVC material, the main function is to protect the picture.
Photo paper: high gloss, bright colors, high image resolution, good anti-aging performance, there are two kinds of matte and glossy;
Self-adhesive (adhesive): high gloss, bright colors, high image resolution, self-adhesive on the back, easy to paste, there are two kinds of matte and glossy;
Back spray light box film: high gloss, bright colors, high image resolution, there are two kinds of matte and glossy;
Fully transparent film: good light transmittance, suitable for transparencies, composite images, transparent hanging frames, etc. There are two kinds of matte and glossy;
 Fully transparent adhesive: good light transmittance, with adhesive on the back, easy to paste, suitable for beautification of glass window partitions, etc., there are two kinds of matte and glossy;
Oil canvas: Use oil canvas substrate to support high-precision original oil painting reproduction output, and the image has no light reflection;
Silk spun cloth: high gloss, bright colors, high image resolution, and the picture has the luster of silk spun cloth.
Jinbo: The effect of gold film, strong texture, suitable for special personalized needs of the picture.
Yinbo: The effect of silver film, strong texture, suitable for special and personalized needs of the picture.
Waterproof indoor flag cloth: good waterproof performance and bright colors.
Waterproof indoor non-woven fabric: using the latest refined non-woven fabric as the substrate, light weight, good strength, strong waterproof performance, no need to cover;
    Exterior light cloth, inner light cloth, outdoor light box film, domestic car sticker, imported car sticker, outdoor flag cloth, grid cloth, single hole transparent, 550 matte light box cloth, double-sided sprayable cloth
Jingcaige: energy saving and environmental protection, work on the principle of light reflection. Divided into adhesive-reflective inkjet film and cloth-reflective inkjet cloth.
    Most of the material media of advertising materials are flexible materials, so materials in the advertising industry are suitable for cutting with a blade cutter.
The hard blade can perfectly cut soft advertising materials. Many materials not only need to be cut through, kiss cut, bevel cut and other cutting methods can be satisfied.

Packaging industry

The most indispensable thing when buying goods is packaging. There are many types of packaging, including paper packaging, lined packaging, wooden box packaging, and metal packaging.
    For flexible material packaging, laser machines and blade machines are generally used for cutting. Laser machines are suitable for cutting hard packaging materials. For example, laser cutting machines such as metal packaging are the most suitable cutting methods.
    But for paper packaging or soft lining materials, the blade cutting machine can ensure the most original appearance of the material, and if you want to increase the utilization rate of the material, the CNC blade cutting machine is the best choice, and the CNC cutting machine will have The function of intelligent optimization, based on the design of the most reasonable cutting method according to the cutting pattern, increases the utilization rate of the material.
Corrugated cardboard cutter machine

composite materials industry

The composite material industry is the industry with the most materials. Among them, composite materials are also used in many industries, such as sound insulation and heat preservation industry, shoe sole manufacturing industry, packaging industry, sporting goods industry, aerospace and many other industries. It is also very common.
Composite materials are generally flexible materials. Each material of composite materials has different density and structure. Therefore, cutting machines, laser cutting machines or blade cutting machines suitable for the composite material industry can achieve perfect cutting. In carbon fiber, aramid fiber When waiting for textile-type composite materials, laser cutting machines using thermal cutting methods will leave a paste edge on the cutting edge after cutting. Some materials may also leave pungent odors, making it difficult to increase the utilization rate of materials.
Blade cutting machines will not produce pungent odors, nor will they produce bad cutting edges. In the composite material industry, blade cutting machines are a common cutting trend, and laser machines are gradually being eliminated.

Carpet industry

With the improvement of the quality of life, as an ornament into the home, carpets are divided into commercial and home use. The carpets are also divided into many types according to the materials, but they are all relatively soft and belong to flexible materials.

Carpets are classified according to material

1. According to the material of the carpet, there are pure wool carpets, blended carpets, chemical fiber carpets, plastic carpets, etc.
Pure wool carpets: China’s pure wool carpets are made of indigenous sheep wool. It has long fibers, high tensile strength, good elasticity, luster, and slightly thicker and powerful fibers. It is the best quality material for woven carpets in the world. At present, some manufacturers mix Chinese native sheep wool with imported (such as New Zealand) wool fibers to give full play to the characteristics of imported wool fibers such as fine fiber and bright luster, and have achieved good results.
Chemical fiber carpet: He is called synthetic carpet, which can be divided into four types: nylon, polypropylene, polyester and acrylic. Our most common and most commonly used is nylon carpet. Its biggest feature is strong abrasion resistance, and it overcomes the shortcomings of pure wool carpets that are easy to corrode and mildew; its pattern and color are similar to pure wool, and the price of nylon carpets Higher than other chemical fiber carpets.
Silk carpet: It is a kind of high-end floor and wall decorations, condensed the wisdom of craftsmen, has excellent practical value and collection value, and is expensive.
Plastic or rubber carpet: It is called hydrophobic carpet, which is also a very common one. It is waterproof, non-slip, and easy to clean. It is usually placed at the entrance of shopping malls, hotels, houses and bathrooms.
2. According to the surface fibrous carpet, it can be divided into loop pile carpet, cut pile carpet, and loop cut carpet.
The yarn of the loop pile carpet is tufted on the main base fabric to form an irregular surface effect. Due to the tight tuft rods, the loop pile carpet is suitable for areas with frequent trampling. It is not only wear-resistant but also easy to maintain. The loops of the carpet are separated to form a cut pile carpet. The appearance of cut pile carpet is very smooth, and the appearance of pile feeling is relatively improved. At the same time, the appearance and performance are well integrated, but it is not as good as loop pile carpet in terms of abrasion resistance. As the name suggests, loop cut carpet is a combination of cut pile and loop pile.
3. According to the weaving process, it can be divided into handmade carpets and woven carpets
Handmade carpets are made of fine wool and artificially woven. The carpet weaving work requires two loops to tie a knot on each warp of the carpet, so the woven carpet is exquisite and strong. There are also two types of woven carpets, woven carpets and tufted carpets, each with its own characteristics. Woven carpet is the application of hand-made carpet technology to mechanized production, which makes the carpet structure stronger and rich in patterns; tufted carpet is made by planting pile on the base fabric.
    Cutting in the carpet industry initially remained in the traditional manual cutting method. With the development of technology, laser cutting machines have become a popular cutting method, and later developed into blade cutting machines.
Compared with the traditional cutting method, the cutting efficiency of laser cutting machine is significantly improved, but there will be pungent odors during the cutting process and the cutting edge is difficult to use. Now many factories have discarded the carpet laser cutting machine and choose CNC blade cutting machine.
    Using a blade cutting machine to cut the carpet material, the cutting accuracy can be guaranteed. Compared with the laser cutting machine, it is more environmentally friendly and guarantees the safety of employees.

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