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  Gasket is a kind of sealing spare parts used in machinery, equipment and pipelines as long as there is fluid. It uses internal and external materials to play a sealing role.
  Gaskets are made of metal or non-metal plate-like materials through cutting, stamping or cutting processes, and are used for sealing connections between pipes, and sealing connections between parts of machinery and equipment.
  According to the material, it can be divided into metal gaskets and non-metal gaskets. There are copper gaskets, stainless steel gaskets, iron gaskets, aluminum gaskets and so on. Non-metallic asbestos gaskets, non-asbestos gaskets, paper gaskets, rubber gaskets, etc.

  Gaskets are used in a wide range of applications and have become one of the indispensable materials in life today, so the demand and market are also very objective. Now let me show you how the automatic gasket cutting machine brings us value.

gasket cutting machine

  Common types of gaskets are: cotton rubber sheet gaskets, rubber gaskets, cylinder gaskets, aramid gaskets, non-asbestos sheet gaskets, asbestos gaskets, rubber gaskets, non-asbestos gaskets, etc., all of which can be used with CNC gaskets Slice cutting machine for cutting.

  Gasket cutting machine, also known as vibrating knife cutting machine, adopts the technology of welding integration, after high temperature heat treatment, the cutting platform is durable.

  Using Panasonic servo motor, pulse positioning, high cutting precision, fast cutting speed, self-developed AOL cutting system, novices can start work in two hours.

  The whole machine has anti-static properties and high safety. And there are infrared sensor safety devices, to maximize the safety of the staff.


Advantages of carbon fiber woven cloth cutting machine

Software Features of Gasket Automatic Cutting Machine:

1. Vacuum adsorption function, super strong wind force, you can choose the size of vacuum adsorption area, which greatly reduces power consumption
2. Automatic tool setting function, using sensors to accurately detect the tool, greatly improving the efficiency of tool setting
3. Material automatic identification function, automatic detection of material thickness, without manual measurement, saving work time
4. The automatic switching of double heads meets the requirements of different processing techniques of materials.

cutting machine advantages

AOL Services

1) Three-year free warranty (except wearing parts), free inspection and maintenance of main parts.
2) Provide lifetime free technology upgrade service
3) Wearable parts (eg blades, bench covers) are always available at cost when needed.
4) Free operation training in our factory. If there is not enough time, we will send detailed training videos.
5) 24-hour online service, providing free technical support in different languages.
6) On-site technical support is available when needed.
7) AOL accepts unreasonable returns within 7 days after receiving the goods.

AOL service

AOL intelligent gasket automatic cutting machine: has high precision and high efficiency. Our professional after-sales service can provide automatic cutting solutions for various industries.
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