Fully automatic digital sample cutting machine

The fully automatic digital sample cutting machine is an intelligent digital cutting system specially designed for graphics, advertising, printing/packaging, logo and graphic proofing, and small batch production. The advanced high-speed motion control system can perform fast and accurate processing on one machine, such as through cutting, kiss cutting, indentation, spot cutting, punching, marking, etc. This model is equipped with an automatic feeding system and a high-definition visual positioning system with CCD camera to achieve fully automatic production. It can assist customers to easily produce precise, innovative, unique, high-quality value-added products within limited time and space.

Fully automatic digital sample cutting machine

Do you have anything to print? Then you need to cut and finish it! AOL digital sample cutters provide you with in-house cutting and finishing processes to seamlessly meet your digital printing needs.

Digital sample cutters set unrivaled standards in quality, reliability and performance. It’s more versatile and can perform knife cuts, V-cuts, and even creasing to handle a variety of sign and display media.

Automate finishing, reduce costly errors and cut labor costs with AOL CNC cutting machines. Its fast, accurate, camera-guided routing and knife cutting make it a breeze. Can be used with printers to meet the cutting capabilities of most sheet and roll materials.

The digital sample cutter cuts through tough materials like acrylic, rubber and rigid PVC with ease. Its double slots for knives and creasing tools further expand the material range. You can use adhesive-backed vinyl, display boards, magnetic foil, corrugated, foam core, and more. Even rigid styrene and 5mm PVC are no match for its heavy-duty knives.

Features of AOL fully automatic digital sample cutting machine:

Multifunctional machine head: two mounting slots, quick design, suitable for a variety of tools. Integrated laser positioning device, drawing tools and precision camera registration system.
Safety device: infrared sensor, responsive, safe and reliable.
Cutting materials: various corrugated cardboard, solid gray board, KT board and other plastics, PVC expansion board, honeycomb board, acrylic, plexiglass, car stickers, light sheets, flexible banners, flag cloth; foam: EPE foam, EVA foam Cotton, rubber, etc.
Cutting and pasting: independent multi-zone vacuum suction.
Interface: Ethernet port.
Features digital and multi-lingual LCD touch screen control panel.
The imported transmission adopts digital servo motor, linear guide rail, synchronous belt and lead screw.

With the development of various industries, there are more and more demands for customized and personalized printing in the market, and various online and offline small-batch customization businesses have also emerged. Label stickers, in particular, are customized in small batches regardless of the quantity of products sold or seasonal changes in promotional needs. The emergence of fully automatic digital sample cutting machines has provided many businesses with great convenience in cutting. If you want to know more about the equipment, please click here to contact us and explain your needs. We will help you as soon as possible. Your detailed answer!

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