EVA foam sheet gray cardboard advertising cutting machine

Easily create stylish and intricate stickers with the power of technology! Using a digital knife cutter, precise designs can be cut into materials like vinyl or paper for dazzling results. The computer-controlled blade can carve out any design you desire – giving your piece an ultra-professional finish that wouldn’t be possible without this high-tech equipment.
Using a digital knife cutter offers many opportunities for creating the perfect sticker design. To ensure the best results, it’s important to first take the time to get the setup right and choose materials. Choosing the right blade is also crucial – make sure you choose one that’s right for your material type! Once all the pieces are in place, you can cut your stickers accurately and quickly—efficiently delivering a great project every time.

CNC vibrating tangential knife cutting machine

Details of EVA foam sheet gray cardboard advertising cutting machine:

New modular tool holder design

Installing tools is simpler, and when customers increase their product range, they only need to purchase the newly needed tools. Provide convenience for customers to upgrade products. Compatible tools: vibrating knife cutting tools, round knife cutting tools, creasing tools, pneumatic knife cutting tools, kiss cutting tools, etc..

High-precision aviation aluminum tabletop

It has a unique internal air guide structure to ensure uniform suction in all areas of the platform and stronger suction.

Infrared sensor safety device

Horizontal and vertical anti-collision protection ensures no blind spots. This will effectively protect the safety of operators.

pinion and rack

This equipment adopts gear and rack transmission. Compared with belt transmission, it has large load-bearing capacity, high transmission accuracy, fast transmission speed and long service life.

Distribution box

The CNC cutting machine fixes the control electrical box on the body to avoid detachment and cause circuit failure. All lines are made of highly flexible cables with good wear resistance, moisture resistance, cold resistance and high temperature resistance.

Lathe structure

The whole machine uses 6mm thick square tubes, overall welding technology, and imported milling machine processing to ensure the smoothness of the guide rail surface and the frame surface, which greatly improves the stability of the machine body when running.


The high-density felt provides good maintenance for the material, ensuring a tight fit in every position and protecting the slab when cutting.

servo motor

Imported servo motors have stable performance, high precision, low failure rate and fast speed.

cutting machine advantages

How to use EVA foam sheet gray cardboard advertising cutting machine to cut advertising materials?

Preparing the CNC machine

Load the supplied cutting tools into the CNC machine, making sure they are clean and in good condition.
Set up the computer that controls the CNC machine and make sure the software is ready to receive your design.

Measurement and design

Use a tape measure to measure the required dimensions of the material.
Use CAD software to design a cutting pattern or shape based on your measurements. Create a digital file of your design.

CNC machine tool programming

Upload digital design files to the CNC machine tool’s control software.
Configure cutting parameters such as cutting depth and speed to match material and thickness.

Keep materials safe

Place the material securely on the CNC machine’s cutting table. Make sure it is flat and firmly positioned to prevent any movement during cutting.

Start cutting

Start the CNC machine and start the cutting process. The machine will be designed according to the program and cut accurately.
Monitor the machine during the cutting process to ensure everything is running smoothly and your material is cutting according to your design.

Quality inspection

After the CNC machine completes the cutting process, carefully inspect the cut edges. They should be clean, smooth, and free of any blemishes.
Remove any remaining debris or loose particles from the panel surface.

All in all, AOL CNC cutting machines are a transformative force in the packaging industry. Its ability to handle a variety of materials, adjust cutting thickness, perform multiple functions, deliver unparalleled accuracy via a CCD camera, and requires no molds makes it an indispensable tool for modern packaging manufacturers. With AOL CNC, packaging has never been more efficient, versatile or impressive.

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