Cutting equipment for new materials——dimming film cutting machine

Before introducing the dimming film cutting machine, first introduce the dimming film. The dimming film is a new type of electronic light control material. The dimming film device is a liquid crystal/polymer mixed material injected between two transparent conductive films. In the case of action, the control membrane is in an opaque state.

With the rise of the new product smart dimming film, many decoration companies and individual home customers have begun to purchase and use this product. However, many companies and individuals with this new product have no professional experience in cutting because they have never been in contact with them before, because recently I have received a lot of inquiries from customers and friends. A question has been professionally detailed, so that everyone can learn and communicate together.

Dimming film

As an emerging product, dimming film materials are generally cut by hand, which is slow in efficiency, high in cost, inaccurate in drawing, and easy to waste materials by manual cutting, which ultimately leads to high production costs and low profit margins, affecting the survival and development of the company.

AOL dimming film cutting machine adopts self-developed cutting program to create an intelligent cutting solution integrating feeding, automatic typesetting, automatic cutting, automatic feeding, etc. The equipment can cut soft film, plastic film, pet film inflatable products, etc., One-click cutting, no need for molds, automatic correction of errors to ensure cutting accuracy. At the same time, the use of super layout software can save more than 10% of material compared to manual layout, and maximize the utilization of materials. It is widely used to solve the cutting needs of various industries. The blade is used for intelligent cutting, which is environmentally friendly, has high efficiency, and has no odor and pollution. One piece of equipment can replace 2-3 laborers, with high work efficiency and various cost savings.

dimming film cutting machine

The dimming film cutting machine uses computer graphics to process internal data and transmit it to the machine control card. The control card then sends command pulse signals to the servo drive. The drive drives the servo motor to move to achieve the movement of the machine, and at the same time sends signals to the cutting machine. Knives, which perform cutting action on raw materials.

The emergence of the dimming film cutting machine can meet the production goals of small batches, multiple orders and multiple styles. It is versatile and can be used to cut leather and other flexible materials. Widely used in footwear industry, clothing industry, luggage industry, automobile industry, decoration industry.

Machine applicable industry

It has a friendly high-definition touch screen man-machine interface, which is simple to operate and easy to learn. Standard RJ45 network data transmission, fast speed, stable and reliable transmission.

With breakpoint recovery function, when the device is working, if it is suddenly interrupted due to external reasons, after the work is resumed, the sampling can be completed from the interrupted part.

Moreover, our company’s equipment has to undergo 72 hours of uninterrupted high-load proofing and trial cutting before leaving the factory.

AOL intelligent blade cutting machine has high precision and high efficiency. Our professional after-sales service can provide automatic cutting solutions for various industries.
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