How is the digital knife cutting machine used in the sports industry?

The application of digital cutting machine in the sports goods manufacturing industry is more and more extensive.

The sporting goods industry is a large market, with many types and materials used. In recent years, many new materials have been used in the manufacture of sporting goods.

It cannot be said that AOL CNC knife cutting machine can cut all the materials of sporting goods, but recently, many businessmen who make sporting goods have come to us and asked us if we can cut they used materials. It can be processed effectively with our AOL intelligent cutting machine.

Ball production cutting

Ball supplies

Basketball materials are mainly divided into the following categories:

Rubber material:

Among them, it is divided into natural rubber and foamed rubber. The overall quality of rubber basketball is light, and the feel is hard, so it is generally not used as a game basketball.

PVC synthetic material:

PVC is also a man-made plastic. The basketball of this material has good water resistance, but has poor hand feel and insufficient temperature resistance. It is not suitable for use in low temperature environments, and it is easy to crack after long-term use.

PU synthetic material:

PU material is also the current mainstream basketball material. PU synthetic leather is very good in waterproof and wear resistance, and the feel is the closest to leather basketball. There is also a kind of microfiber PU in the PU material. The feel of this microfiber PU is closer to the leather basketball, and the wear resistance is better, so many big brands have begun to use the microfiber PU material to produce basketballs.

Leather material:

Leather basketballs are generally made of cowhide. Unused basketballs are a bit slippery. You need to play for 3-5 hours to open the epidermis. At this time, the leather basketball feels the best. Generally, leather basketball is the designated ball for international competitions, but the price is relatively expensive.

PU and PVC are also commonly used materials for football outer layers.

Our cutting machines can cut these materials perfectly.

The sponge and rubber used on table tennis rackets can also be cut with AOL machines. There are also 3 customers who came to us for trial cutting samples. The edges of the cut materials are smooth and fit the racket well, and the efficiency is 3 times that of manual cutting. , recognized by customers.

However, there are not many applications of table tennis rubber cutting now. With the expansion of the market, there will be more and more manufacturers who choose AOL automatic cuttier machines to cut rubber in the later stage.

carbon fiber surfboard

Surfboards, sailing marine supplies

The surface of surfboards and sailboats will use lightweight carbon fiber materials

Due to its light weight, high strength, high and low temperature resistance, carbon fiber composite materials also have excellent fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance and excellent construction performance, which makes carbon fiber composite materials in the marine field with special requirements. The application prospect cannot be underestimated. In recent years, carbon fiber composite materials have played an increasing role in the manufacturing of skis, bicycles, etc.

I have previously introduced how the AOL digital cutting equipment cuts and composites, so I won’t go into details here.

In addition, the brushed cloth and mesh cloth commonly used in surfboards, can also be cut well with aol cutter machine. Several customers have come to try cutting and purchased our machine.

Sportswear with special materials

Sportswear with special materials

Sportswear with special requirements on materials such as diving suits and swimming suits is not suitable for mass production, and the materials are expensive and have high requirements on cutting technology.

AOL digital knife cutting machine is a good choice.

Like Lycra, Spandex, fabric swimsuits, we all cut the corresponding samples, you can go to the youtube AOL CNC channel to view the video of the relevant cutting process

Yoga mat cutting

If you want to know about yoga mats, you can check the article “AOL yoga mat cutting machine”

The yoga mats on the market usually include PVC, TPE EVA NBR and natural rubber, etc. These materials can be cut with AOL’s cutting machine. Materials like PVCTPEEVANBR are usually cut with vibrating knife tools. If the density of the rubber pad is thicker and harder, you can use a pneumatic knife to cut it, and if the density is small and soft, you can also choose a vibrating knife.

We have cut many samples of EVA with a wide range of uses. Friends who follow our video account must have seen it. We have cut samples of different shapes of EVA sheets with a thickness of 0.5cm to 10cm, especially those with irregular shapes. most.

Yoga mat

Artificial Turf digital cutting machine

Football fields are commonly used artificial turf, and AOL machines can also be used to cut them. We have cut a piece of turf up to 4 meters. Irregular-shaped cutting is even easier.

The Intelligent cutting equipment can be customized according to the size and shape the customer wants to cut.


With the expansion and progress of the sporting goods market, more and more new materials will appear, and the demand for cutting will also greatly increase

If you have other materials that need to be cut, you can send some of the materials to us for proofing, or you can contact our sales staff for consultation, and we will recommend the most suitable solution for you. Welcome to cooperate with AOL.

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