CNC blade machine instead of punch, the best choice to buy

Punch is a punching press. In national production, the stamping process saves materials and energy compared with traditional machining, and has high efficiency. Materials of different shapes can be obtained through the production of molds.

At present, non-metallic materials including plastic, rubber, wood, asbestos, mica board, anti-fiber products, paper products and leather products can be processed by punching machines, and are mainly used for separation punching, that is, punching.

In the process of non-metallic materials, punching is mostly used in the gasket industry to produce sealing gaskets of uniform quality.
With the development of the times, the process of punching has been gradually replaced, and the CNC cutting machine has replaced it to produce better cutting materials.

CNC blade cutting machines are now suitable for flat and bevel cutting of flexible materials, which have attracted the attention of many users, and machines are being used to improve efficiency.
For example: asbestos material, non-asbestos material, PVC, PTE, carbon fiber, glass fiber and all flexible materials, AOL CNC blade cutting machine can solve your troubles.

CNC punching machines need to make cutting molds before cutting materials. This process takes a long time and is also labor-intensive. Although mass production is possible, the cutting quality of materials is difficult to control. To place a new order, another one is required. New molds are used to make them, so the order cycle will be extended and the economic benefits will be low.
Now with the development of science and technology, cutting machines that can replace CNC punching machines have appeared, CNC cutting machines, and CNC blade cutting machines suitable for non-metallic materials.

Advantage of CNC blade cutting  machine

1. The CNC blade cutting machine does not need a mold, and the cutting diagram can be imported, and the cutting can be started directly
2. Fully suitable for coil or sheet, equipped with CNC blade cutting machine with automatic feeding system, which is convenient and fast.
3. Hard tungsten steel blade, non-metallic materials can be cut at one time.
4. Editable system, the system has strong adaptability, and the editable window is connected to the production system, which is simple and easy to operate.
5. The CNC blade machine that replaces the CNC punching machine has stronger adaptability and is the best choice in the era of intelligence.
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