Detailed introduction of pvc soft glass cutting machine

The soft home furnishing industry has always been an important industry for research, and pvc soft glass is one of the materials studied. The diversified digital cutting system can meet the processing needs of different materials and processes, from textile products to leather products, whether it is customized or customized. For mass production, the pvc soft glass cutting machine can help users to process high-quality products more quickly and accurately within a limited time and space. A steady stream of creativity helps users to quickly enhance the competitiveness of the industry, leading the software home furnishing industry to develop more healthily and steadily!

Pvc soft glass is available for industrial use or household use respectively. Smooth surface, no cracks, no bubbles, uniform color, with heat resistance, cold resistance, anti-aging, heavy pressure resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance, good light transmittance, long service life, used in many situations.

Features of PVC soft glass:

1. To a certain extent, it can be used as a substitute for glass, but its excellence is unmatched by glass. In particular, the impact resistance and tensile strength of soft glass not only ensure a long service life, but more importantly, it will not cause harm to the human body. It is warm in winter and cool in summer and soft in quality, making desktop office workers particularly comfortable to work.
2. Anti-light, not deformed, not broken, not hard, high elasticity.
3. Soft texture, easy to write.
4. Heat resistance 100℃, cold resistance -30℃, strong acid, alkali and heavy pressure resistance, which helps to improve the efficiency of desktop work, reduces cleaning costs for restaurants, and adds elegance and beauty to restaurants.
5. Antistatic. It has excellent electrical insulation properties, inert chemical properties, non-toxic and tasteless, no adverse reactions to the human body, and has anti-radiation properties, which can effectively prevent the generation of static electricity and dissipate static electricity.

Features of PVC Soft Glass Cutting Machine:

1. The table compensation function, the flatness of the table is detected by a high-precision distance detector, and the plane is corrected in real time through the software to achieve a perfect cutting effect.
2. Automatic tool setting, fast and simple automatic tool setting system, using fiber laser sensor to accurately detect the tool, greatly improving the tool setting efficiency
3. Vacuum adsorption function, super strong wind, strong suction, the size of the vacuum adsorption area can be selected, and the power consumption can be greatly reduced
4. Material automatic identification function, automatically detect the thickness of the material, no need to manually measure and then record the thickness data to the software
5. High-definition CCD camera, high-definition CCD camera realizes automatic positioning and sleeve cutting of various materials, eliminating the problems of inaccurate manual positioning and printing deformation.
6. The control system adopts high-performance multi-axis motion control system, which is easy to maintain, low cost, and provides personalized development services

Advantages of carbon fiber woven cloth cutting machine

The emergence of PVC soft glass cutting machine has brought infinite benefits to many manufacturers, and solved the disadvantage of low efficiency of traditional cutting methods. Moreover, the material cut by this machine is tasteless, smokeless and environmentally friendly.

Using integrated welding technology, the whole machine is heat treated at high temperature, and the platform is durable.

This vibrating knife cutting machine has a variety of cutter heads such as round knife, vibrating knife, pneumatic knife, beveling, punching, etc., which is suitable for more materials.

Wide range of application: EVA foam, glass fiber, carbon fiber, PTFE and other materials can be cut by PVC soft glass cutting machine

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