CNC knife graphic cutting machine

What is a graphics industry cutting machine?

The CNC digital knife cutter is a powerful computer-based tool designed to produce high-precision results quickly and accurately. Such equipment is capable of costing materials such as foam board, PVC, acrylic and KT board without sacrificing any quality of the output design. Pre-programming operations with CAD software allows operators to save time while having full control over their projects when using this specialized machinery, making it invaluable in marketing agencies and other advertising-related industries.

1070plus CNC knife graphic cutting machine

Working principle of digital knife cutting machine:

Using computer graphics, the internal data is processed and transmitted to the machine control card. The control card then sends command pulse signals to the servo drive. The drive drives the servo motor to move the machine, and at the same time sends signals to the cutting tool to cut the raw material. action.

Why should you use a Digital Knife CNC cutting machine for advertising?

CNC digital knife cutting machines are revolutionizing the advertising industry with their high-precision digital control system and incredible cutting speed, accuracy and efficiency. This state-of-the-art machine offers unparalleled versatility in creating complex designs using a variety of materials including foam board, corrugated board, PVC board and acrylic board, allowing professionals in the field to quickly and easily bring their creative visions to life become reality.

CNC digital knife cutting machines come with impressive features that enable them to deliver precise and accurate results. Its digital control system ensures repeatable cuts, while its advanced software creates intricate designs that the machine executes flawlessly. Additionally, automated tool change systems allow for quick changeovers between different tools, significantly reducing downtime for maximum productivity and efficiency.

A CNC digital knife cutter is a must-have for advertising professionals looking to take craftsmanship and design to the next level. This high-performance tool combines advanced features with an intuitive user interface to simplify the precise cutting of materials, making it a reliable go-to asset that allows businesses to stay one step ahead of their competitors in today’s ever-changing marketplace.

When you need to use a digital knife cutting machine

Using a digital knife cutter has its advantages. In addition to significant increases in production speed, you can enjoy unprecedented precision and versatility when cutting a variety of materials. Whether fabric, foam board or plastic – this tool delivers perfect results every time!

Versatility: Digital knife cutters offer unparalleled versatility to meet a variety of cutting requirements. From fabrics and foams to plastics and cardboard – all flexible materials can be easily processed with digital cutters. With such high precision, it’s no wonder more professionals are turning to these revolutionary devices!
Precise: With a digital knife cutter, it’s easy to create complex shapes with sharp lines and perfect details. No matter how complex the design, digital knife cutting guarantees perfect results.
Speed: Digital knife cutters offer an effective solution for fast, precise cuts as their sharp blades enable clean cuts in one pass.
Cost: With low equipment and maintenance costs, digital knife cutters are a smart choice for businesses or individuals to save money on cutting materials. Cost efficiency is one of the most attractive aspects when choosing a cutting machine, making digital cutters an economical choice.
Safety: These digital systems have advanced blades with far fewer inherent safety risks than the high-powered lasers used in laser cutting methods.

CNC Digital Cutting offers an impressive range of custom products and services for a variety of industries such as apparel, automotive interiors, graphics, box packaging and leather materials and more – bringing precision cutting operations into the future!

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