CNC cutting machine manufacturers talk about how to choose a good CNC cutting machine

Digital cutting machines have been used in all walks of life. When you want to buy a digital cutting machine, there will be a large number of suppliers mixed with different prices. They all say that their products are good, which makes you dazzled and difficult to distinguish. I don’t know how to choose!
There is an old Chinese saying: Don’t be afraid of not knowing the goods, but be afraid of comparing goods!
More than what? Specific cutting accuracy; specific cutting efficiency; specific maintenance costs; specific service life!

1. Cutting accuracy:

Cutting accuracy is the basis for selecting machine tools. It refers to the contour accuracy of the cut workpiece, not the static accuracy marked on the sample.

The difference between a good machine tool and a poor machine tool is whether the accuracy of high-speed cutting parts will change, and whether the consistency of the workpiece in different positions will change greatly.

2. Cutting efficiency:

Cutting efficiency is an index to evaluate the profit of CNC cutting machine. Cutting efficiency refers to the time to cut the workpiece, rather than simply looking at the cutting speed. Parameters can be falsified, only the cutting time cannot be falsified!

The higher the cutting efficiency, the higher the processing cost, and the lower the operating cost is a sharp weapon to make money!

3. Maintenance cost:

At present, the maintenance cost of the CNC cutting machine mainly comes from the maintenance cost of the plasma generator.

But the maintenance and usage cost of each plasma generator is different.

4. Service life:

Service life is an indicator for evaluating the cost savings of a machine. The longer the service life of the machine, the lower the depreciation cost of the digital cutting machine.

The main factors that determine the life of the machine tool are as follows:

machine rigidity. Simply put, the heavier the tonnage of the machine tool, the better the rigidity!

Machine tool equipment configuration, as well as the brand and quality of the transmission device!

Technical manufacturing level, enterprise technology accumulation, experience inheritance!

cutting machine advantages

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