AOL Fiber Ply Cutter for sale

Application range of cutting machine

Among the types of composite materials, the most common are carbon fiber, glass fiber, prepreg and other materials, including materials used for military bulletproof (aramid cloth), which can be perfectly cut.
Of course, the flexible materials in composite materials, AOL CNC cutting machine can be completed with high quality, including advertising packaging industry, clothing textile industry, leather industry, automotive interior industry, etc., using AOL CNC cutting machine can save 30% Economic cost.

Advantage of AOL CNC cutter

1. Over-cutting optimization function: The self-developed CAM software is used to systematically optimize the physical over-cutting phenomenon of the tool and restore the graphic outline to a large extent
2. Intelligent table top compensation function: collect table top data through the level tool, and correct the plane in real time through the software to ensure the cutting effect
3. Intelligent flip function of cutting pattern: combined with the detection function of the table to realize the intelligent cutting function of positive and negative graphics
4. Automatic tool setting function: fast and simple automatic tool setting system, using fiber laser sensor to detect the tool, improve the efficiency of tool setting
5. Tool quick change module: simple tool holder quick change system, simple operation, improve work efficiency,

Aramid cloth

    AOL CNC and its related equipment and software have developed solutions for the traditional textile market (fashion, furniture) and are now focusing on the growing industrial textile and composite materials market. According to user requirements, there are a variety of cutting materials for selection and reference. Click the message below and wait for professional reply.

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