AOL cutting equipment can realize automatic knife initialization

The purpose of automatic knife initialization is to let the tool automatically run to the tool setting point, Automatic knife depth adjustment,save the trouble of manual tool setting, and improve the efficiency of material cutting.

Automatic knife depth adjustment function is realized by the tool tip detection system. The tool tip approaches the contact sensor at the set speed. When the tool tip contacts the sensor and sends out a signal, the CNC system immediately records the instantaneous coordinate value and automatically corrects the tool compensation value.

In short, when the cutting tool blocks the laser light, the signal is sent to the machine, and the machine receives the signal to stop the axis movement. Comparing the trigger position with the reference tool, the length and diameter values can be obtained automatically


The working principle of the automatic knife initialization is as follows:

1. After each linear motion axis of the machine tool returns to its own mechanical reference point, the relative position relationship between the machine tool coordinate system and the fixed coordinate of the tool setting instrument is established.

2. No matter using automatic programming control or manual control mode to operate the tool setting instrument, when moving the tool along a selected axis to make the tool tip (or the outer diameter of the power rotary tool) close to and touch the corresponding plane of the four probes on the tool setting instrument, and through the swing of the flexible support rod, the high-precision switch sensor is triggered, The switch will immediately inform the system to lock the movement of the feed shaft.

Because the numerical control system takes this signal as an advanced signal to process, so the action control will be extremely fast and accurate.

3. Because the linear feed axis of CNC machine tool is equipped with pulse encoder for position loop feedback, the CNC system also has a counter to memorize the actual position of the feed axis. At this time, the system only needs to read out the accurate stop position of the axis, and through the automatic conversion of the relative relationship between the machine tool and the tool setting instrument, the initial tool offset value of the tool tip (or diameter) of the axis tool can be determined.

In other words, if it is measured in the machine tool coordinate system, it is equivalent to determining the distance between the reference point of the machine tool and the zero point of the machine tool coordinate system, the distance between the tool measuring point and the zero point of the machine tool coordinate system, and the actual deviation between them.

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