Join hands for 12 years, and compose a new poem for the next 12 years

AOL was established in 2010, and it has been 12 years so far. Over the past ten years, we have been adhering to the principle of “making the best cutting equipment in China”. Through the unremitting efforts of many AOL people, from the earliest technology introduction, to continuous Product development and innovation, AOL has become a leading enterprise in the domestic flexible material CNC cutting industry.

aolcnc 12th Anniversary Celebration

It is also the emergence of AOL CNC equipment that broke the original manual cutting and laser cutting methods, serving many basic industries at home and abroad, such as leather, packaging, luggage, automotive interiors, composite materials, gaskets and other industries. Today, AOL CNC equipment has excellent technology and cost-effective equipment, and the equipment covers many countries around the world. And many countries have our exclusive agent, I believe in the near future, will continue to write a new immortal legend!

Machine applicable industry

Are you still comparing the three devices you’ve been struggling with? Are you still giving up products that are really suitable because of unsatisfactory discounts? You can start now without worrying about it! The 12th anniversary of Aoradium will be presented in the form of the most active event and the most favorable price ever in 2022, and we will also give away gifts, imported felt from the Netherlands, and Swiss craft knives that will surprise you with explosive consumables, old and new. All users can participate!

The event time will be 6.1-6.30, 2022. Anyone who purchases a machine in our company and pays a valid order (without applying for after-sales refunds, etc.) can participate in the event and get a luxury gift package: imported felt, craft knives, surprise consumables, industry benchmarks , three-year warranty, free software upgrades for life…

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