Why Choose Digital Fabric Cutting Machine

Advantages of carbon fiber fiberglass cnc cutter

1) To meet the cutting of different materials: AOL carbon fiber fiberglass cnc cutter can be configured according to different cutting materials, oscillating knives for cutting prepreg fabrics, honeycomb panels and other materials; rotary knives for cutting glass fiber, Kevlar Such as woven materials.
2) Saving materials:  AOL carbon fiber fiberglass cnc cutter is equipped with intelligent nesting software, supports a variety of nesting methods to meet the cutting of different carbon fiber fabrics.
3) Cutting precision is high: Traditional tools will lead to different degrees of continuous cutting, wear and tear and insufficient precision.
Carbon Fiber Fiberglass CNC Cutter

AOL CNC and its related equipment and software have developed solutions for the traditional textile market (fashion, furniture) and are now focusing on the growing industrial textile and composite materials market. According to user requirements, there are a variety of cutting materials for selection and reference. Click the message below and wait for professional reply.

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