What material is pearl cotton? Introduction of pearl cotton special-shaped pattern cutting machine

What is pearl cotton?

Pearl cotton, also known as EPE pearl cotton material (hereinafter referred to as pearl cotton), is a polyethylene foamed cotton and a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material. Pearl cotton is a low-density polyethylene resin that is physically foamed, thereby generating a large number of independent air bubbles inside it, which becomes the pearl cotton we see.

pearl cotton

Features of pearl cotton:

Compared with ordinary foam materials, EPE is not easy to be broken, not easily deformed, and has better recovery. It has the advantages of waterproof and moisture-proof, shock absorption, sound insulation and heat insulation in various industrial and daily applications. At the same time, this material has good plasticity, good toughness and recyclability, which makes its application range more and more. wider.

The scope of application of pearl cotton:

1. In view of the good physical properties of pearl cotton, it is now widely used in car seat cushions, pillows, computers, audio, medical equipment, hardware industry, handicrafts, glass, ceramics, furniture, gift packaging, packaging lining, life jackets, etc. Life-saving products, daily necessities and other different industries.
2. Pearl cotton can also be bonded with various fabrics to form various composite materials, which has a good application in home decoration. For example, the composite structure of pearl cotton and aluminum foil can add excellent anti-infrared and ultraviolet capabilities to it. For shading, air conditioning products.
3. Compared with EPS foam, pearl cotton has a good recycling ability, does not pollute the environment, and can be recycled repeatedly. Due to the white pollution caused by EPS, the country has banned the import and export of EPS, so in the future, pearl cotton products will definitely be Replacing EPS and occupying the bubble market.
4. In the packaging industry, pearl cotton is more beautiful and hygienic than traditional packaging materials. In addition, it is a non-toxic product, and the market in the packaging field is increasing year by year.

Related content of pearl cotton cutting machine:

The wide application of pearl cotton is inseparable from the special-shaped cutting equipment. Nowadays, the demand for pearl cotton is large, and the market is increasing year by year. So if you want to stand out in such a market, a cutting equipment with excellent performance is essential. It is recommended that you use AOL pearl cotton special-shaped pattern cutting machine

There are about three types of special-shaped cutting equipment for pearl cotton: laser machine, wire cutting machine, and vibrating knife cutting machine.

I won’t go into details about the laser machine here. The smoke and odor generated by the high temperature of the laser machine do not meet the national environmental protection standards, and it is now used very rarely.

The wire cutting machine is still widely used in the pearl cotton cutting industry because of its high precision and high efficiency. However, it is very troublesome for some special operations such as lead lines for some punching operations.

Vibrating knife cutting machine is a new type of cutting equipment. In terms of cutting speed, it is much faster than wire cutting equipment, and the cutting accuracy is not inferior to that of wire cutting equipment. Handy for cutting. The supporting intelligent typesetting system can effectively avoid the problem of material waste caused by inappropriate typesetting.

AOL fully automatic computerized cutting system is specially designed for your mass production cutting needs, using a blade cutter for cutting, AOL fully automatic cutting machine provides precise results when told to run, easily producing a range of lines, shapes and arcs.

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